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  • Cleburne County Sheriff's Department has new list of warrants

  • This list includes last names E-G.

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  • This is a list of people with arrest warrants from the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Department. The list is published as presented to the Sun-Times. The list in today’s issue is for people with last names beginning with E-G.
    If you have information regarding the whereabouts of an individual on this list you are encouraged to contact the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Department at 501-362-8143.
    The Sun-Times understands people may have the same name as listed in the warrants and due to that fact a name you read within doesn’t necessarily mean it is the same person.
    Ecke, Shelley, R.
    Edwards, Johnny, W.
    Ellis, Steve, L.
    England, Noah
    England, Noah
    Epperson, Billy, S.
    Equia, Enrique
    Erland, Anita, K.
    Ervin, Bobby, G.
    Eubanks, Michael Jr., R.
    Evans, Tracy
    Evans, Tracy
    Evans, Tracy
    Evje, Brenda, K.
    Ezell, Ricky, L.
    Farley, Terri, S.
    Farmartino, Ramone, Lee
    Farrow, Mickey, R.
    Ferguson, Cliff, D.
    Feske, Philip, L.
    Files, James
    Flagler, Rebecca
    Flores, Ronald, J.
    Flores, Ronald, J.
    Flores, Ronald, J.
    Flores, Ronald, J.
    Flores, Zyanya, E.
    Floyd, Nicholas, D.
    Ford, Tamara, D.
    Ford, Tamara, D.
    Ford, Tamara, D.
    Ford, Weldon, Ray
    Fox, Dan
    Frakes, Thomas, S.
    Fraley, Sherry, J.
    Freeland, Harold
    Freeman, Justin, W.
    Freeman, Justin, W.
    French, Kristina, R.
    Fricker, Larry, J.
    Frost, Wesley, Gordon
    Fry, Tonya, S.
    Frye, Michael, W.
    Fulkerson, Cameron
    Fuller, Jerry
    Gaither, Brian
    Gallegos, Kimberly
    Gannon, Terry, A.
    Garantine, Bobby, Lee
    Garcia, Ebodio, V.
    Garland, Eddie, L.
    Garman, Christopher, S.
    Garner, Keith, B.
    Garner, Marcy, A.
    Garner, William, R.
    Garrett, Charles, H., II
    Gary, Jamison, Daniel
    Gaskill, Dan, A.
    Gaskill, Dan, A.
    Gaskill, Dan, A.
    Gaskill, Dan, A.
    Gaskill, Dan, A.
    Gaskill, Dan, A.
    Gaskill, Dan, A.
    Gaut, Larry, E.
    Gaydos, Chris, A.
    Gebhardt, Cynthia, L.
    Gentry, Jescenda, C.
    Gerber, Marc
    Gilchrist, George, A.
    Gillespie, Larry, W., Jr.
    Gilliam, Kaywanna, L.
    Gilpin, Christopher, J.
    Girard, Robert, E.
    Gluck, Steven, A.
    Gould, Debra, A.
    Graddy, Gregory, L.
    Graham, Darlene, M.
    Page 2 of 2 - Grant, Dustin, P.
    Graves, Christopher, R.
    Gray, Gary, S.
    Gray, James, H.
    Gray, Patricia
    Greene, Johanna, E.
    Greenlee, Earnie
    Gregory, Jeremy, M.
    Griffith, Alicia
    Griswold, Kristopher
    Groce, Joanna, M.
    Guggia, Dawn
    Gunnett, Cary
    Gwatney, Wendi, Carol
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