Department of health says no need to panic.

H1N1, or Swine Flu, is spreading across Arkansas, and some people have reportedly been diagnosed with the disease in Cleburne County, but there is no need to panic according to the Arkansas Department of Health.
Citizens have made phone calls to the Sun-Times, and individual employees, reporting several students at Heber schools, three patients from a local doctor, and a family of five in Tumbling Shoals have been confirmed to have Swine Flu. All of these reports may or may not be true. The Sun-Times has learned some of the reports are confirmed. Either way, citizens are urged to take precautionary measures.
Ed Barham, public information officer for ADH, said H1N1 is currently being treated as one would treat the seasonal flu. “This is like a mild flu. It is very contagious but people don’t need to panic. This is just the flu during the summer. If you didn’t panic with seasonal flu last year, there is no reason to panic now.

For the complete story on H1N1 in Cleburne County, check out the August 26 edition of the Sun-Times.