There are two words that have recently caused more discussion, more disruption and more disagreement than any other two-word phrase since Heil Hitler.  Those two words are “public option”.

There are two words that have recently caused more discussion, more disruption and more disagreement than any other two-word phrase since Heil Hitler.  Those two words are “public option”.
At first it was just a part of one of the 1100 page House Bills.  But it became an emotionally charged phrase that brought out a breed of real Americans or as the progressives say, a breed of un-Americans.
Probably the argument that upset the conservatives (including me) the most is that this public option would be simply marvelous because it would create real competition in  health insurance.  Night after night on network and cable TV the blessing of competition were put forth eloquently by the progressives.  Doesn’t it seem strange to have these socialists and liberals spew forth competition as a noble effort?  Shouldn’t someone remind them that competition is a basic element of capitalism – better reconsider? The first thing you know these ‘Johnny come lately’ promoters of competition will be singing the praises of business profit.
Most American voters and potential voters understand that public option is code for eliminating private insurers.  By using hundreds of billions of taxpayer money, the government can charge considerably less for health insurance premiums.  If you are a working individual or a business owner with 120 employees and are presented with a “choice” of premiums where one cost 30 percent less, which would you choose?  This is what the liberals call competition and as Obama says, “You can keep your present policy if you are satisfied” – what nonsense.
Those of us that are opposed to the public option are being characterized as sub-kind of humans.  In order to stop the rising tide of discontent that will add trillions to our national debt, the Obama administration is using Chicago type tactics.
Consider a recent Obama rally in Grand Junction, Colorado which was described by The Denver Post (a liberal rag) as one marked by civility and loudly applauding.  This seems rather strange since Grand Junction is comprised of citizens who are mostly conservative.
A little investigating by a columnist in Denver revealed the set-up organized by the current administration. 
Originally admission tickets to this event were awarded by lottery.  Numerous Grand Junction Republicans holding tickets waited in line for several hours and were denied admission while busloads of Democratic activists were bused in from Denver.  The White House advance crew was very proficient in stacking this audience with fawning Obama supporters.
Equally amusing, if your belly can stand this kind of humor is the attempt by the lefties to portray those that speak up in rallies as gun-toting rednecks who are probably related to the Oklahoma City bomber.  As Nancy Pelosi says, “You can tell by the way they dress.”
Senator Barbara Boxer   has probably issued the ultimate insult to those who are speaking their piece at town hall meetings. She claims this rowdy group is guilty of “organizing”.  Don’t tell her the only real qualification of our struggling president is that he was a “Chicago community organizer”.
During eight years of George W. Bush’s presidency his raging critics repeatedly stated “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism”.  The liberals were so proud of militant anti-war protestors, ill mannered Move rabble rousers, ACORN hired disrupters, labor union thugs and code pink activists.  But now that serious Americans are insisting to have their say on health care issues, they are ignorant hillbillies that only care about their guns and just aren’t capable of understanding the enormous benefits of socialism.
How about a quote from Hillary Clinton voiced just last year.  We can repeat the words but we can’t duplicate the screeching and the fingernails on the blackboard effect that is Hillary’s trademark.  “I am sick and tired of people who say if you debate and loudly disagree with the Bush administration, somehow you are not patriotic.  We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration”. 
So that should settle it once we have heard from the smartest woman in the world.
In Obama’s attempt to stop information that would be detrimental, his administration set up a special email box for citizens to report anything that they could interpret as being “fishy”.  When it became apparent that this Gestapo type action might be ‘misinterpreted’, this little project came to an abrupt end.
Obama’s attempt to salvage his health care plan, which he is on record as wanting a single payer system, is showing signs of desperation. 
Recently he met with religious leaders and proclaimed that some aginners are frankly bearing false witness invoking the frightening specter of the Ten Commandments. 
He proceeds to proclaim his proposals are simply a moral imperative.
I wonder how many of these religious leaders are able to recall this is the same fellow that loudly announced we are not a Christian nation. 
Following that, he refused to participate in the National Day of Prayer - being the first president in almost a century that declined to do so.
It seems when the game is not going smoothly Obama and his ilk decide to play the religious card.  We are once again confronted by ironic hypocrisy.

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each Wednesday)