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  • Warrant list for week of March 22

  • The list in today’s issue is for people with last names beginning with S-T.

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  • This is a list of people with arrest warrants from the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Department. The list is published as presented to the Sun-Times. The list in today’s issue is for people with last names beginning with S-T.
    If you have information regarding the whereabouts of an individual on this list you are encouraged to contact the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Department at 501-362-8143.
    The Sun-Times understands people may have the same name as listed in the warrants and due to that fact a name you read within doesn’t necessarily mean it is the same person.
    Sams, Archie, H.
    Sandefur, Eric, Walter
    Sanders, Ashley, N.
    Sanders, Rebecca, E.
    Sanders, Ricky, J.
    Sandridge, Mark, A.
    Sawyer, Jeffrey, K.
    Saxton, Jennifer, A.
    Sayles, Todd, S.
    Schmidt, Kimberly, Marie
    Schrand, Kevin
    Schultz, Tyson, E.
    Scott, Stephen, R.
    Segeada, Sherry
    Segeada, Sherry
    Sexton, Billy, W.
    Sexton, Ronny
    Shaffer, Michael, D.
    Shires, Justin, Blake
    Shirley, Tracie, A.
    Shockley, Linus, Jr.
    Shoemaker, Bryan, James III
    Shoop, James, J.
    Sides, Stephen, P.
    Sifford, Eugene, E.
    Sigmon, Scott
    Siler, Michael
    Siler, Michael, Lynn
    Simmons, Renee, M.
    Sizemore, Cynthia, Rhianna
    Skeens, Edward, C.
    Skipper, Thomas, K.
    Smith, Billy, C.
    Smith, David, E.
    Smith, David, W.
    Smith, Faith, Nichole
    Smith, Jeffrey, J.
    Smith, Jimmy, R.
    Smith, Jimmy, R.
    Smith, Jimmy, R.
    Smith, Jimmy, R.
    Smith, Justin, K.
    Smith, Katie
    Smith, Melissa, S.
    Smith, Nora, A.
    Smith, Reuben, L.
    Smith, Scott, Wayne
    Smith, Tammie
    Smith-Rouse, Misty, D.
    Smock, Rose, M.
    Snider, David, L.
    Southerland, Ruby
    Spann, Sarah, R.
    Sparks, Chadrick, W.
    Spivey, Kevin, James
    Spivy, Timothy, J.
    Staggs, Jessica, La
    Stair, Susan, A.
    Stair, Susan, A.
    Stamey, Randall, O.
    Standridge, Lisa
    Standridge, William, R.
    Standridge, William, R.
    Stanfill, Justin, W.
    Stapleton, Jamie, Clayton
    Stapleton, Joey, A.
    Starkey, Dennis, Ray
    Starnes, Valarie, Ann
    Stein, Theresa, A.
    Stevenson, James, L.
    Stewart, Alvin
    Stilwell, Daniel, M.
    Stinson, Michael, W.
    Stoner, Jamie, L.
    Strohm, Mark, Z.
    Stroud, Tina, L.
    Sturgis, Lynn, M.
    Page 2 of 2 - Suarez, Victor, Zarate
    Sullivan, Daniel, R.
    Sullivan, Robert, M.
    Suriano, Claudia, Belen
    Swan, Steven, G.
    Sweet, Pearl, Elaine
    Sykes, Linda, Baldwin
    Sykes, Micheal
    Tadlock, Bambie, Gail
    Talley, Benjamin, Dewayne
    Tanner, Karen, L.
    Tate-Barkley, Ashley, L.
    Taylor, Evelyn, L.
    Taylor, James, A.
    Taylor, Kimberly, Diane
    Taylor, Matthew, David
    Taylor, Patrick, N.
    Taylor, Terry, Don
    Taylor, William, T.
    Teague, Jason, E.
    Tegethoff, Christina, Sue
    Tennyson, Laura, A.
    Thomasen, Thomas, W.
    Thompson, Tania, Jean
    Thompson, Tania, Jean
    Thurman, Dorothy, D.
    Tillman, Jackie, W.
    Tinlin, Michelle, M.
    Tolman, Kenneth
    Tompkins, Hoyt Jr., L.
    Tompsett, Shawn, W.
    Tran, Hiep
    Travis, William, Matthew
    Trevino, Juan, F.
    Tucker, Bryant, R.
    Tucker, Dennis, E.
    Tullos, Thomas, M.
    Turner, Lanora
    Turner, Ronald, C.
    Tyler, Linda
    Tyner, Donald
    Tyszko, Gerald
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