Today a reader mentioned enjoying a recent column that I wrote about a friend from my teen years that developed diabetes, didn’t change his diet in time and we lost him.

Today a reader mentioned enjoying a recent column that I wrote about a friend from my teen years that developed diabetes, didn’t change his diet in time and we lost him.  I’m happy that she got the point of the column.
Losing friends unnecessarily is a terrible waste.
That’s one of the reasons why I really appreciate it when people take stock of their lives and then choose to make a change.
If you have taken inventory of the direction of your health and/or size management and found that direction not to be to your liking- then go ahead and make a healthier change.  
Whatever your Goal for starting over at the beginning of this new year, you need to have a few things in mind to help you accomplish it.  This is especially true if you haven’t liked your previous results.
One of the things I do as a wellness coach is help people pick their goals and then assist them with the tools to accomplish them.  Another term for goal’ is ‘hearts desire’ because of its importance.
Of course first they must actually know what their goal is.  If you don’t have goals you will just drift and accomplish nothing.  That reminds me of playing in the water, kicking your feet with one water flipper on and one off.  All you will do is expend your energy and go around and round in circles.
After deciding that setting a goal is the first step, a person must begin taking the steps or making the proper choices to reach their goal.  This is a process that everyone must go through if they are to make any kind of progress at all.
Now, what are the obstacles in reaching your goal?  One of the obstacles is deciding if you will be making Choices or making Excuses.  
We have that option hundreds of times every day beginning when you first wake up.
Let’s say you must be at work at 8 o’clock.   The first thing you must do is get up early enough to get everything done to get to work on time.  Bosses are not pleased if you are late.  You can’t do your job as efficiently or effectively if you aren’t there promptly. Also you would not be considered as a reliable employee if you are consistently late.  Your boss wants to know that you are reliable-right?
What do you do when your alarm clock goes off?  Do you CHOOSE to get up or do you make the EXCUSE, ‘I must get 5 more minutes sleep’, press the snooze button & roll over to get a few more winks.  
After getting up, you must choose what to wear, do you drink coffee or healthy green tea, and the list goes on and on all day long.
Now I also mentioned making excuses not to do what you know you need to do.  
What is the definition between choice and excuse?
Webster’s Dictionary describes “Excuse” as:
a:  to make apology for    b:  to try to remove blame from
Webster’s Dictionary describes “Choice” as:
a:  the right or power to choose
Which definition sounds more empowering to you?  When you are making excuses for your actions, you are falling victim to those excuses, not to mention you are not taking the proper steps toward your goals.
What if your goals are for your health and weight?  Making choices or excuses will mean the difference between you either reaching those goals or not reaching them.
Only you are in control of either making proper choices or making excuses.
Today, do a test.  Decide what it is you want to accomplish. It could be anything.  Make a list of what steps you must do to reach that goal, and then examine your steps or choices.  At the end of the day review what you have accomplished.  Did you make choices or did you make excuses?
Writing in a daily journal is very helpful when you make goals.  Using it daily will help you become more ‘Aware’ of if you are making choices or making excuses.  
Why not try it to accomplish your goal?
When your goal is accomplished you feel extremely ‘Empowered.’  Many will choose to make other goals they have wanted to accomplish, and then a person will feel as if they are living a successful life.  
That is a pretty powerful feeling!
Success can be had in many different areas; it all depends on what kind of goals you have.
No matter what your goals are, achieving them is a contributing factor in your Wellness, as it gives you a sense of well being and accomplishment.
For more tips and strategies on achieving your goals, check out this site:
After accomplishing your goal you feel ‘Empowered.’  You have more control over your life.
WOW what a great feeling!!
Empowering’ yourself is your ‘hearts desire’ and is worth every effort for yourself and those you love.

(Carmel Aaron lives in Heber Springs, has a degree in biology and has been certified by Proevity in Nutrition and Glycemic Indexing; she operates Anatomy Academy Wellness, where she teaches a Certified Diet Wellness coaching program.  New class now forming – Are you a group? - Ask about Group Discounts-– email Carmel at: