Greers Ferry elected officials handle business efficiently in monthly meeting

One month after Municipal League Attorney Mark Hayes spoke to the elected officials in Greers Ferry about council meeting protocol, the first regular Greers Ferry city council meeting was handled quickly and efficiently.

First up city council members heard from city officials and acting Fire Chief Ernie Murphree told members all equipment was up and running except for one tanker housed at Station 3. That tanker failed the 1,000 gallon per minute requirement and most likely a leaky valve said Murphree and will be fixed soon.  Administrative Assistant and County Clerk Judy Triplett stepped up to the microphone telling them the new police car acquired from a grant needed to be paid so it could be closed out. She also told councilmen on March 12 a photo opportunity with Governor Beebe at the state capitol was open to them if they wanted to attend. Triplett said money from the Hot Check Fund was available to purchase electronic related items only. She told the councilmen she had contacted Park and Recreation Director Jay England about grant money received for bleachers at the park.

Absent from the city official reports to the council were Police Chief Teagus Majors, Street Supervisor Jackie Finch and Park Director Jay England. Some topics related to those departments were tabled until next monthly meeting.

In unfinished business purchase orders (PO) will be the norm for city beginning March 1st. The topic to use purchase orders came up in January’s special meeting by Councilman Randy Carr and was approved by councilmen this month with little discussion. Each department head will be allowed to spend without prior approval up to $100 each month without a PO. The money spent will be reported to the city treasurer and added to an open PO for that department. Once a PO is over the $100 limit, approval to proceed will be required and a new PO will be issued.

An agreement contract drawn up by City Attorney Lance Wright for Greers Ferry City Park rental/leasing use is under review by council members and will be addressed at the March council meeting.

Bids were taken for the re-paving of Section Line Road and Central due to oil and gas activity.  Mayor Ware gave the information to councilmen with three bids within a $1,000 of each other. The mayor told Mike Edwards earlier in the week no zoning laws existed for drilling inside the city limits. The mayor asked BHP, the company that wants to drill on Edwards’s property, to fix any city street damage and they agreed.

A committee will be assembled by the mayor for the development of a City Events Center. The property next to city hall is the prime location. A 50/50 grant could be obtained said Triplett once the committee decides what it wants and plans and specifications are submitted.

In new business, a new pothole at Crockett and Stark will be filled once the weather breaks Mayor Ware told Councilman Terry Thorton after he brought it to his attention. And during the new business portion of the meeting Councilman Mickey Stewart reminded the mayor handling the day to day operations was his duty and cut short a request from the Mayor to get all councilmen out to view a potential problem installing a culvert at a home owned by Mr. Plunkett. Mr. Plunkett spoke to the council requesting the street department not install a culvert on his property. The street department continues on FEMA related work in the Todd Davis Subdivision and water drainage is next on the list. Mayor Ware and Street Department Head Jackie Finch will meet with Mr. Plunkett to find a solution to his concerns. In a related topic, the approved usage of Calico Rock prisoners to help with the work load at Todd Davis Subdivision has not materialized to date.

In final remarks Mayor Ware told the council he will assemble his 2012 goals for the city and asked council members to do the same.

Greers Ferry city council meetings are open to the public and held the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. inside city hall.