It is a normal reaction to rush to get in line if something is free.

It is a normal reaction to rush to get in line if something is free.  Promoters of all kinds use this gimmick to attract customers even if the items they are giving away are of little value.  Once a year Oaklawn Race Track sells sodas for ten cents and corn beef sandwiches for 50 cents (almost free).  People will stand in line for an hour or more for this bargain.
Now take something of real value and start giving that away and people will stampede to be first in line.  This is only a natural reaction even though we all know nothing comes absolutely free.  If the recipient doesn’t pay, some other individual or group of individuals covers the cost.
“Okay, you might say, what’s the big deal, you haven’t told me anything I don’t know.”  Here is what is astonishing.  Those legislators or administrators at the federal level invariably grossly underestimate the cost of free programs to the masses.  Good examples are Medicaid for the poor and food stamps.
For both of these federal programs the actual dollar cost is a multiple of what the experts told us would be the financial drain.  Medicaid along with its sister Medicare have put federal and state budgets in a precarious position.  Arkansas alone is better off than most states, but it’s facing a Medicaid problem of hundreds of millions of dollars that no one knows how to solve.  Food stamp recipients and the dollars expended have more than doubled in the last five years.  Hey man! – it’s free!  Not only is it free through government promotion, let’s look into every valley and suburban area to search for more takers.
Have we learned anything from these vast overruns on Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and other giveaways?  Definitely not.  As proof we are now struggling with the granddaddy of all free programs – free health care for all otherwise known as Obamacare.  Even if the Supreme Court finds the provisions of Obamacare to be unconstitutional, other programs just as fiscally irresponsible will be proposed by the gang in power that are insisting on bankrupting this nation.
Here is the latest chapter on Obamacare.  As reported in the March 3rd issue of the Dem-Gaz, last year’s budget estimated the subsidies under the new health care law to help middle class people buy insurance (only a small part of the over-all law) to be 367 billion.  This year’s budget puts it at 478 billion or an increase of over 30 percent – in just one year before any aspect of the program goes into effect.  Next year and the year after when payments are actually made, it will probably follow the same pattern as other programs and the increase in cost will be 3 or 4 times the amount that is currently planned.
So what is the reaction of the queen of the new health care law – Kathleen Sebelius?  She says she was unaware of the estimated change.  We are proceeding into a pit with no escape because more and more people will qualify to receive health care virtually free and the increase will be similar to the disastrous food stamp program.


On a lighter note – recent happenings in Conway, Arkansas would make PETA proud.  You remember the PETA crowd?  They are the ones that proudly throw paint or blood on anyone daring to wear fur in our politically correct society.  Despite what you may have heard, I have it on good authority that PETA does not stand for “People Eating Tasty Animals.”
Television stations, radio broadcasts and the newspapers were all agog over the report that in Conway someone skinned a dog and left the carcass in a dumpster. Authorities both local and state were called in to investigate.  The whole community was in an uproar and people were furious over this apparent dastardly deed.  Many hours of investigative work proceeded.  Rumor had it the FBI would be called in.
Only a few days later it was discovered the whole scene was not as it appeared.  First the dog was a coyote, second it was accidentally hit by a car and killed and finally, it was skinned after it was dead.  People can go back to work now with a great relief knowing there is not a “skin the dog alive” fanatic waiting for the next victim.
To give all of us the proper flavor for this incident, I will quote Patty Wingfield who wrote a letter to the editor on Wednesday March 7th in the Dem-Gaz.  “I heard the story of the poor animal that was skinned and thrown in a Conway trash bin.  I shuddered in disgust at the horrible person responsible for this act.  And I cried thinking of the pain this poor animal endured until it mercifully died.”
The final reporting on this dead coyote issue indicated it was probable that all criminal charges would be dropped.  Do ya think?

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each Wednesday)