Heber Springs reports incidents for the past week

On March 21, police responded to a report of a break-in on Brooke Dr.  The owner of the home stated that someone broke into her house and stole an Xbox 360, 4 necklaces, and a gold ring.  The window had apparently been unlocked from the inside and the screen was torn.  Police have a suspect and are still investigating.


On March 22, police were called to a domestic disturbance on N. 2nd St.  According to the report, both of the people were extremely intoxicated and the 44-year-old man and 37-year-old female were arrested and charged with Domestic Battery.  While they were in the back seat of the police car, the neighbor walked over and began asking questions concerning the incident.  Initially, authorities told the woman everything was fine and to return to her home.  The woman began arguing with the police and then starting running to her house.  When she was told to stop, she continued running and was pursued by officers, as she has history of discharging firearms in her yard.  When she was caught, she began screaming at the officers and physically fought them as they attempted to restrain her.  Officers noticed she smelled strongly of intoxicants.  The 64-year-old woman was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct, Fleeing, Public Intoxication, Resisting Arrest, and Interference with a Law Enforcement Officer.


Also on March 22, police were called to another domestic disturbance on S. 9th St.  The woman had red marks on her neck and her left ear was bleeding.  She claimed her son had given her the injuries.  When the son was found, he also had injuries and claimed his mother attacked him because he had cleaned his marijuana pipe.  The 42-year-old woman was arrested and charged with Domestic Battery and Endangering the Welfare of a minor.  The 17-year-old boy was arrested and awaiting transfer to the White River Juvenile Detention Center in Batesville.


On March 23, authorities responded to a report that a house had been burglarized on W. Front St.  The owner stated that he had not been in the residence in a year and upon his return he discovered the door was kicked in and several items were missing, including 3 air conditioner units, 2 bed frames, a ceiling fan, and miscellaneous building items.  A mattress and syringes were found inside the home.  Police currently have no suspects and are investigating the incident.