Western Civilization is at war with Islam.

Islam is not a religion of peace.  It is and has been a religion of violence, vengeance, and conquest for 1400 years.  Western Civilization is at war with Islam.  Saying that we are at war with terror, or radical Islam, or Islamic extremists, provides decent American Muslims with a rationale to do nothing to fight against the jihadis and Islamic supremacists within their communities.

Our American Muslim community is at great risk.  It is a great tribute to the tradition of tolerance of the American people that in the face of repeated Muslim atrocities, committed in the name of Allah, in the United States and worldwide, that acts of hatred or vengeance against American Muslims have been virtually non-existent.  It would be a sad day for America if this remarkable forbearance ever wore thin.  Unless Muslims in America act to reform Islam, American Muslims risk becoming a pariah community.

To those who say Islam cannot be reformed, consider the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.  This Islamic movement, although regarded as heretical by mainstream Muslims, divests Islam of violent beliefs and practices, condemning religious wars and violence.  The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is said to be a growing international movement, with membership in the tens of millions. 

If Islamic violence is to be stopped, and if our American Muslim community is to take its place in our glorious pluralistic public square, political correctness and religious sensitivity must be put aside, and we must openly acknowledge and declare that large segments of the Islamic world are at war with us in the name of Islam.

Robert I. Lappin

Swampscott, MA