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April 24, 2012 12:01 a.m.

It’s a curiosity that on March 14th Gary McDonald’s letter was titled “Guilty Feelings of Liberals.” Apparently, my “Antidote for Confusion” stirred his Tory soul into creating fiction. Whether or not my friends or I own stock and have dividend income doesn’t change the fact that apportionment of tax rates are neither rational nor just. Secondly, belief that skin color is cause for supporting our President is simply ignorance to bear. Humble awareness that our social world is still packed with injustice has been labeled liberal guilt. Anti-liberals should try sipping some of that guilty brew. Sneer ye not. Liberal guilt is good. The only people who don’t ever feel guilt are sociopaths and serial killers. Guilt signifys possession of a conscience which allows self-awareness as well as historical awareness. While Conservatists have equal claim to their opinions, one can’t erase racism from America’s history or ignore its enduring legacy. Criticizing supporters of our President in a condescending manner by deducing there exists “guilty feelings of liberals” paints guilt to be something weak and only succeeds in demonstrating ones own Potemkin village. It actually requires a kind of strength to face the ugly truths of history. If we are to stand together as Americans “Under the Banner of Heaven” we all need to concede and feel guilty about America’s sins. An essential part of my roots was an understanding of the love Jesus had for all the children of the world. Why has this Presidency given rise to question that belief? Since conservatives present themselves as moralists, I find it surprising to hear “guilt” being disparaged by them. So no, Mr. McDonald. I do not have to justify my “liberal feelings” nor respect any sneering dismissal of those who support President Obama. Explanation of his intelligence is not required. It speaks for itself. Redundant questioning of it becomes rather boorish. However, since you seem drawn to intelligence and IQ ratings, “The Moron Test” developed by DistinctDev,Inc. might be the perfect mobile brain teasing challenge for you to enjoy. But, that’s just my opinion . . . .
Sharen Jergenson
Heber Springs

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