Easy and delicious lemon pie

Hello everyone!  I hoped you liked reading my blog so much that you’ve looked me up again.   I really appreciate the nice comments that were posted last week.  There are many, many cooks waaay better than me, but none, I bet, that enjoy cooking more than I do.   Most days I can be found cooking up something for somebody.

Have you noticed that some foods just naturally go together?  How about bacon & eggs - biscuits & gravy – popcorn and M&M’s – yes, popcorn and M&M’s.  After you’ve popped your popcorn, tear open one corner and pour in the M&M’s, as many as you want, plain or peanut, doesn’t matter.  I happen to like the plain ones the best.  Now shake that bag around a few times and you’re ready to start snackin – sooo good!

Another combination I like is to set off a fish dinner with a slice of lemon pie.  I know this stems back to my childhood.  My dad and Uncle Dan had been fishing all day and brought home a big string of fish.  My mother cooked ‘em up with just the right amount of seasoning and all the fixings and we ate until we were stuffed to the gills.  Get it?  Fish?  Gills?  Anyway…. my dad looked at my Uncle Dan and said that a nice piece of lemon pie “would really hit the spot, huh Dan?”  All of us kids were snickering and about to explode with laughter while we watched Uncle Dan clear his plate and make a spot for that lemon pie that we knew didn’t exist.  My dad was a little mischievous like that.  Some say I am too!  Since that day it just doesn’t seem right to have a fish dinner without a piece of lemon pie.

Here’s a recipe for a quick, refreshing lemon pie that requires NO BAKING and its really quite good. 

You will need:

1 Vanilla wafer pie crust or graham cracker crust

1 6oz can frozen lemonade

1 14 oz can Eagle Brand milk

1 9oz carton Cool Whip

Mix partially thawed lemonade with the milk, fold in the Cool Whip and pour it into the crust.  Refrigerate overnight.  No a lot to making it, but it sure does disappear fast.

Try this recipe and let me know what ya think.  Cut you a slice, raise your fork in a tribute to Uncle Dan, and remember to cook easy, but eat good.