What happened to common respect?

I know the chances of this being published in your paper are slim to none...but pardon me while I rant.

What happened to common respect?  What happened to treating people like...people - with decency and... OH MY GOODNESS... like we want to be treated??!!  Are we really so far gone as a people morally that we don't care if we sleep with other people's spouses, steal from each other, rob OURSELVES of dignity?  Self-respect?  Where?  At whose expense do we behave in this manner?  Do you feel liberated?  In control?  Justified?  Do you sleep well at night?  What do you see when you look in the mirror?  I am incredibly saddened that all respect for marriage, friendship, honesty, faithfulness, true remorse...ANYTHING SACRED...is so far out the back window that it may not ever grace us again.  Does it make you feel clever to spew forth useless, unfelt apologies?  Every man for himself, right?  You can fool the people who love you the most for a brief moment in your lifetime.  In the end, I hope you have sweet dreams and your reflection in that mirror isn't a distortion.  May the bird flying over your head s*** on you as you s*** on others.  Some won't need to shampoo as often.

I apologize if I offended anyone... My intention is only to rant.

Alice Strawn-Maxwell

Heber Springs