You know you’re in trouble when one of your biggest cheerleaders starts complaining how ineffective and uninspiring you are.

You know you’re in trouble when one of your biggest cheerleaders starts complaining how ineffective and uninspiring you are.

John Brummett, who now carries the mantle for the progressives in the Dem-Gaz, states in his May 1st column the Arkansas Democrat Party is bankrupt – ideologically and intellectually.  He goes on to say this sorry situation is not new.  According to Brummett this situation is actually heritage and tradition.  As evidence he points out the only idea the Arkansas Democrat Party has revealed in years was to run a thin gerrymandering line to Fayetteville to nab new Democrat’s votes for the 4th congressional district.

Them is fighting words.  The types of statements you would expect from the GOP.  The Republican Party and now most Arkansans have known all this for years.  While the state has always leaned conservative and voted for most Republican candidates for president, Arkansas has been mired in a political rut and voted Democrat for most state and local candidates.  Part of this problem in an attempt to bring our state into the two-party system has been a lack of quality candidates from Republicans.  That situation has changed dramatically in the last few years.

Brummett now admits the Arkansas Democrat Party was a silent partner in the state’s racist and corrupt machine politics.  So here we have this dyed in the wool “progressive” columnist calling his own party heavily involved in racist policies.  In today’s world this is the utmost in name calling and shameful behavior.  If you are even suspected of racism, this overshadows such crimes as thievery, lying under oath or even murder.  Proof of this can be found in the murder trial of O.J. Simpson.  All the evidence pointed to a violent murder but the main issue became whether or not one of the investigating officers ever used the “N” word.  The actual murder came in a distant second in importance.

A prime example of “ole boy” politics in Arkansas involves state Senator Joyce Elliott a Democrat from Little Rock.  She has been a leader in the legislature for years and is associated with numerous programs to spend more money and increased entitlements at the state level.

Recently she was placed in a negative spotlight when it was noted that several tax liens had been filed against Ms. Elliott and her company.  Her excuses were classic.  She couldn’t understand why she had not been notified.  She might as well have claimed her dog ate the document.  As a leader in the Democrat party in Arkansas you would think the last thing she would want known was that she was a tax scofflaw.  In case you forgot she was the Democrat candidate that ran against Tim Griffin who is now our Republican congressman for the 2nd district.

Scarcely had that little episode died down when a Dem-Gaz reporter uncovered more flim flam from Ms. Elliott.  She has been employed at an $80,000 a year job as executive director of the Central Little Rock Promise Neighborhood.  Arkansas law clearly states no person elected to a constitutional office may be employed by a state agency.  Our conniving political leaders in Little Rock tried to skirt around this provision by funding this organization through a different entity – nothing but a sham.

Where are the funds for this Promise Neighborhood project coming from?  Primarily from a federal grant of $430,000 and a matching grant of $116,000 from UALR.  Isn’t it ironic that the funding for her $80,000 position is coming from the federal and state governments while liens against Ms. Elliott for not paying taxes, are levied by the same government entities.

Evidently the stench was too strong even for Ms. Elliott and her political friends as she has now resigned from this position.  Her comments about this situation are indeed laughable.  She says, “I think whether or not this law applies to a partnership can be questioned but it doesn’t make sense to continue with a cloud hanging over the Central Little Rock Promise Neighborhood.  The decision to resign was strictly mine, nobody asked me to.”

This is only one example of one-party activity in Arkansas state government that is shady at best.  Remember Governor Beebe and his appointment of his running mate in the last election to the highly visible and important head of the education department.  It was clearly against the law which said a candidate must have executive experience in higher education and this candidate had none.  Our governor, himself a practicing attorney for years, had to know this to be illegal, but he and his cohorts were so used to the one-party system, who in the world would have the guts to challenge.

A similar situation exists with the recent attempt to “get” 7 million dollars of federal money to start the Obama health care exchange in Arkansas.  This action was stopped in the legislature several times so the Democrats decided they would form a loaded commission of state legislators and proceed anyhow.  Many voters will remember these politically partisan moves come November.

I have enumerated just a few of the hi-jinks operations that we know of.  It is prudent to ask the questions – how many other underhanded “Elliott type” appointments and transactions have transpired in Democrat controlled Arkansas politics for which we have no knowledge?