For those women who want to concentrate almost exclusively on their careers there is no indication that their compensation is lower than their male counterpart. 

The Obama Administration is practicing an ancient tactic in their struggle to remain respectable.  If your record of accomplishments is wanting, divert attention by creating something that isn’t.

Thus we have the famous “war on women” that the liberals are trying to create.  According to our progressive friends not only do Republicans want women to be barefoot and pregnant, those mean ole Republicans want to deny the federal government paying for their monthly quota of contraceptives.

For weeks now this issue of paying for contraceptives dominated the news.  Probably the best way to describe these discussions would be to label them as absolutely silly.  Firstly the cost is only a few dollars a month and secondly why should there be any consideration for government involvement?  Should the government pay for toothpaste, deodorant or handsoap?  Probably quite a few of our now government dependent citizens would say, “Sure, why shouldn’t the government pay for such necessities?”

For many feminists this was just a stepping stone to bring up the “equal pay for women” issue.  Despite studies, reports and analysis to the contrary the die hard bashers of men maintain the women in the workplace are not compensated fairly.

These feminist fighters base their claim on the simplistic argument that working women as a whole earn about 80 percent of working men.  These same studies reveal that men on the average work 10 to 15 percent more time than women in the workplace.  Because of family duties many women do not want the responsibility of higher paying positions as it would require more time and often involve traveling.  Men dominate most of the dangerous and high paying jobs such as mining, oil field workers, steel plants and construction.  These of course are facts but the banner waving zealots for women rights don’t want to be bothered with facts.

Kim Parker of the Pew Research Center points out that being a good parent and having a successful marriage continues to rank significantly high on women’s list.  According to her research women in their entirety haven’t given any ground on marriage and parenthood.  In fact there is even more emphasis on home life than 10 to 15 years ago.

Ms. Parker describes the evolution of “super moms”.  These women are defined as those that want a high paying career as well as being a home builder and a good parent.  For many women the allure of “having it all” wears off once women are faced with the reality of super motherhood.  Many who work full time have told numerous pollsters they would prefer part time employment if it were available to them.  Certain careers such as doctors, layers, accountants and those working in non profit organizations often find more flexibility in their schedules.

For those women who want to concentrate almost exclusively on their careers there is no indication that their compensation is lower than their male counterpart.  In fact there is some indication major companies compensate women slightly higher as a defensive measure against potential litigation.

As the Weekly Standard points out, gullible voters are supposed to get all wound up about the GOP’s “war on women”.  Our liberal friends portray women as helpless creatures who must be coddled by an all consuming government.

Proof of this portrayal is the Obama campaign’s interactive slide show “The Life of Julia”.  As the Weekly Standard explains this little drama gives us Obama’s social policies explained in paper doll form for idiots.

From age 3 to 70 Julia gets help from our big daddy government in every aspect of life.  Starting with head start through high school, college, child birth and retirement Uncle Sam is omnipotent.  When Julia decides it is time for parenthood, the federal government is front and center.  There is no mention of a husband in any of these slides.  A logical conclusion is that Julia is a lesbian who patronized the local government semen center.

One of the slides gives us this information: “thanks to Obamacare Julia’s health insurance is required to cover birth control and preventive care allowing Julia to focus on her work rather than worry about her health.”

I don’t know about y’all, but the women I have recruited in college, worked with in 30 plus years in public accounting, served with on numerous local organizations are not in any way helpless Julia’s.

If Obama and his ilk continue to patronize women in this manner, that may be the overwhelming factor for a crushing defeat.