Voters should be informed by reading and research

As a concerned citizen I wanted to remind the voters of some things they should think about before casting their vote.  Under the "Do" list, voters should be informed by reading and research; attend public meetings to meet candidates and ask questions; call the candidates and ask questions and attend any debates where candiddtes will be avaiable to present their platforms.  Look hard at a candidate's record if they have been or are currently an office holder; learn what postions candidates have taken, both for and against issues; question candidates as to their competence and awareness on important issues; does the candidate know and respect the U.S. Constitution and our form of government and how it works; what is the candidate's belief system; are they honest, and finally, check out the candidates personal history.
Under the "Don't" list, don't vote for a candidate just because they are your neighbor, a relative, go to your church, are physically attractive or because you went to school with them.  Remember, elections have consequences...very serious consequences.  Choose your candidates carefully.