We can proudly state in Cleburne County only 26 percent of voters fell for the “white guilt” propaganda or believed the mantra of hope and change.

Do you want proof that racism still exists in the hills and valleys of this great state?  Go no further than four years ago when logic and economic reality was thrown to the wind and voters by the tens of thousands voted for Barack Obama.  When asked why the Obama vote, many replied that it felt so good to be a part of history to elect our first black president.  We can proudly state in Cleburne County only 26 percent of voters fell for the “white guilt” propaganda or believed the mantra of hope and change.

So here we are almost four years later.  The country is in a mess economically, the real unemployment rate is dangerously high, our national debt has grown by 5 trillion and we are becoming less of a Christian nation daily (Obama claims we are not a Christian nation.)  Abortion and gay marriage abound, and we are no longer the world leader we once were.

Many people – Democrat, Republican and Independent admit and deplore our current state of affairs, but once again the ugly fact of racism rears its ugly head.  We now hear the plaintive cry, “We must re-elect Obama for if we fail to do so it will be evidence of our bigotry and prejudice against our black brethren.”  Isn’t voting for someone because of skin color as bad as voting against someone for the same reason?

The liberal spokesman for the Dem-Gaz warns us that Arkansas is in trouble. He foresees that Obama will get a complete shellacking in Arkansas this November and the result will be to embarrass not the president but ourselves.

Like so many liberals he is so concerned about what the lefties in the blue states think of us, he is unwilling to address the miserable performance of this administration.  He says, “We will be perceived yet again as a backward, racist, primitive numbskull place.” Can’t you just imagine his embarrassment at the cocktail parties in Little Rock’s Hillcrest community when they pity and disgustingly deplore us hillbillies and right wingers who cling to our guns and Bibles?

Our man Brummett is shaking in his boots afraid that the Democrats in Arkansas will act as they did in West Virginia.  In that state 43 percent of his own party voted against Obama continuing as the Democrat candidate.  Locally the Democrats have an alternative in the primary to vote for Mr. Wolfe.  Surely those Democrats in the hills and rural areas will not vote for Mr. Wolfe. Surprise! They did.  Brummett explains that Wolfe is really more liberal than Obama and implies that the real reason these uninformed rural bigots would vote for Wolfe is they are (that dirty word again) racists.

Now that we have established that so many of us are unabashedly racists, let’s explore the real reason Obama’s policies should bring us all to shudder.  Last week Obama hosted a meeting of eight European and North American leaders to discuss actions that should be taken for the world economy.

Admitting these countries in Europe and the United States are confronting economic crises, Obama and leaders of other world powers declared their governments must spark growth and cut the debt.  Now that France has elected Francois Hollande, a strong socialist, he and Obama lectured the other leaders and us that there must be action to spark economic growth INSTEAD of just slashing spending -not in addition to but instead.

Get that folks.  In spite of uncontrolled government spending in at least five prominent European countries and the United States, we now have these financial genius’s back on the same gritty and slimy road that led to all the problems in the first place.

The one country in Europe that has maintained a strong economy and is not burdened with government debt is Germany.  The A.P. reports that Germany’s Merkel made a strong plea for government austerity.  The other leaders conceded some points about Merkel’s push for austerity but evidently treated it as a minor point to be dealt with sometime in the future.  The meeting avoided the word “stimulus” because of all the negative connotations, but it was clear that most European countries except Germany believe these governments must take spending action to help the worldwide economy.

It is no wonder the United States stock market has lost almost 1,000 points in the Dow Index the last few weeks.  Most students of the worldwide economy are greatly concerned that the only solution being recommended for our drunken stupor of government spending is more of the same.

With these serious economic threats facing almost all of us in the civilized world, our liberal friends would like to make this next election about racism.

Note that the racism they want to talk about is opinions and actions by their opponents they can fabricate as racial.  If their positions and policies are clearly based on skin color, that is not only acceptable but meets their standard of fairness.