Today history is so twisted, warped, and revised to suite the rich and powerful

Letter to the editor,
As Independence Day nears, we can expect another colossal barrage of political propaganda.  Dictators and power mongers cannot tolerate freedom.  Today history is so twisted, warped, and revised to suite the rich and powerful.  Religion is one of the most attractive, deceptive and dangerous instruments of those who hate Jesus Christ and his true church.
Today the Catholic Church’s sovereign authority is under investigation for alleged financial wrong doing.  Who could possibly accuse the largest body of “Christians” of mishandling money?  Most people know this church is the largest real estate holder in America.
Most Baptist will not acknowledge Roger Williams even to be kin to them.  Every freedom loving American should read  Wikipedia’s biography of Williams.  No legitimate challenge can be made to the fact that he was the father of what we call democracy and separation of church and state:America.  Williams was tortured for his faith and love for all including Indians and Black Africans.  His colony: Rhodes Island was the first in America to ban or forbid slavery.
Anyone who knows anything about the computer boom of the 1970’s and 1980’s, know the giants of software production did it by imported slaves to their high tech plantations where they were forced to program day and night while American college graduates could not find a job in programming.
Today, most all major computer and software producers are pressuring congress to pass an unlimited number of immigrants under the visa status that covers third world nations’ most educated.  They claim this will boost our nation’s economic recovery.  And, Santa Clause is real.  Sorry college graduates, you should have known better than to borrow money to go to college.  Tough.
“Frontline” has a great 4 hour production entitled “Money, Power and Wall Street” which will be available to the public in July.
Joe and Barbara McCutchen of Ft. Smith are the two most dedicated freedom loving warriors inAmerica today.  Check them out at


Jim Glover

Heber Springs