Local citizens in heated debate over pros and cons of new salvage yard

Debate is heating up over a new business recently opened on Hwy 25 in Drasco.  M & M Recycling allows people wanting to rid themselves of various junk items to deposit them at the site and get paid by weight for the fluctuating market rate of the deposited metal.  The junk is usually crushed and recycled. On the one hand, the business is an asset in that it allows people to clean up their “junk” yards by providing a service that accepts and processes these items.  On the other hand, complaints have been made about the site being an eyesore on a major tourist highway and whether the site is run in accordance with state safety and environmental regulations.  Due to the overwhelming number of calls, both pro and con, that The Sun-Times has received concerning this site, we would like to hear from you.  Sound off on our Facebook page or write us a Letter to the Editor to appear in our print edition at 107 North 4th St, Heber Springs, AR, 72543.