It was the Sun Times who said “Hispanic immigration destructive” not Jim Glover as they claimed in the June 29 issue,.
It’s extremely tragic that the Sun Times publisher, editor, staff or whoever they want to blame for this error, doesn’t know or can’t distinguish past from present or legal from illegal.  It really doesn’t matter to me who made the slanderous title; I simply ask the paper to apologize to me, not on the back page somewhere it can’t be found, but in bold print as they did with me in the title and name.
Recently, AETN did a similar egregious propaganda telecast on “Need to know” titled “Immigration”.  What a cooked up mess of lies.   But, what do we expect from these liberal media like CNN, AETN, NBC, and MSNBC for they have a mission, an agenda to confuse, discriminate and condemn everything good, wholesome and profitable.
Have you ever seen or heard a documentary on U.S. Immigration policy, law or anything similar?  Of course not for their mission is to dumb down the morons and keep them there.
Whatever you do, please don’t read the Wikipedia biography of Roger Williams, and for God’s sake don’t believe our nations early settlers fled England seeking freedom.
Isn’t it strange that Finland is considered to have the best education system in the world, surpassing Israel, and they don’t start their children until they are seven years old, and the elementary students stay in the same room with the other elementary students with the same teacher?  That’s the way they used to do in America, before the liberals took control and have pretty well killed it.  And, Israel’s children only attend school until they reach 15 years of age.  Can you imagine?
Jim Glover
Heber Springs,  AR