Let's think about getting our children's brains fortified so they can be the very best they can be in school and in life.

So great to be home again. * * * It's back to school time. Parents are busy making serious decisions about their kids' school clothes and going through the school lists to get them everything on those lists. They want to help their children get the most out of the school year. In times past we have considered general nutrition and the importance of those vital school lunches, but now let's think about getting our children's brains fortified so they can be the very best they can be in school and in life. Recently I read an article in O magazine about the benefits of sunflower seeds, salmon, yogurt, eggs and edamame – as brain food. All whole foods are very beneficial but as far as I was concerned they completely missed the very best one of all. Absolute proof to me is if something works. With that thought in mind, let me introduce this food group to you by first sharing my family's experience with it: Several years ago I was doing research – as usual- to help my parents. For the sake of this column I will focus on my mom, as her problem was her brain or cognitive function. In her 60s she began to have issues with her brain, and later we discovered that it was Alzheimer's. To say the least I was desperate to help her. I finally discovered glyconutritionals which I learned has a multitude of benefits, but when it comes to brain food it is fantastic. Of course, at first it was only what I learned through research. It was not yet proven to me. But, I thought if it was half as good as the research said – I wanted it for my parents. So I got it for them and a smaller amount for myself. After a couple of months of supplying my folks with generous amounts of glyconutritionals my mom's brain began to improve. It was little things at first and we weren't sure if we were imagining it. But we finally admitted that her brain was indeed better. My entire family breathed a sign of relief as this brought us joy and peace of mind. My mom still has Alzheimer's – which will never be cured, but now at 89 years of age she is still my mom. I have also used glyconutrtionals from that time to the present and have enjoyed better cognitive function myself, as well as many other benefits. Glyconutritionals have been tested in Australia {double blind plecabo test} and here in the U.S. (Read the test results for yourself at: http://mannatechscience.org/files/file/articleScripps2011_ENelson.pdf —also http://ambrotose.com/talitha-best-cognitive-studies ) Just what are glyconutritionals? Without going into great detail: These gyconutritrionals are monosaccharides. They are not digested and burned as fuel the way most sugars are used. The glyconutrients are involved in a remarkable array of biological functions that help control everything from individual cell structure and function to cell-to-cell communication and protection. Tests and studies have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, to improve cognitive function (and mood) for every age and with every type of brain health issues. Real foods that are picked vine or tree ripened contain some gluconutritionals – as long as the ground is not too deficient. Foods that are picked green do not contain any. There are individual biological saccarides in several foods such as certain types of mushrooms and even some types in seaweed. I make sure to get a supply of foods grown that are allowed to ripen naturally. I also take a great supplement that contains all the essential glyconutritionals. It is the same supplement that I supplied my parents to add to their daily diet. For additional ways to improve brain function go to: http://www.squidoo.com/brain-fitness—exercise-creates-new-brain-cells For additional information, feel free to contact me –only if you wish. So, by all means, get your children ready for school with the proper school clothes and supplies. And, make sure they have access to wonderful and wholesome meals with plenty of whole nourishing foods. But, to ensure they do their best in school, please do not send your kids to school without their essential brain food. (Carmel Aaron lives in Heber Springs, has a degree in biology and has been certified by Proevity in Nutrition and Glycemic Indexing; she operates Anatomy Academy Wellness, where she teaches a Certified Diet Wellness coaching program. New classes starting two or three times a year–- Group Discounts?-– email Carmel at: AWellnessCoach@Gmail.com)