Two bids for the new courthouse audio/visual equipment were opened by Cleburne County Judge Brenda Hunt.

Two bids for the new courthouse audio/visual equipment were opened by Cleburne County Judge Brenda Hunt. Life Safety Association submitted a bid of $97,802 and AVV submitted a bid for $148,162.05. Both companies met with Judge Hunt and committee for review. After a presentation from both companies, Tommy Land, contracted by the budget committee, took the bids for review. One company was unable to answer some technical questions as their technician is on vacation. A time was scheduled for Land to talk to the technician before a decision can be made. Land will report to Judge Hunt what the technician said before a bid is officially accepted. However, the Quorum Court is looking at accepting the bid from Life Safety Association is it was the lowest. During the regular session on the Quorum Court meeting, Judge Hunt and Justices revisited a county vehicle use policy, which was brought up during the July meeting. Looking over the draft of the policy, Justice Sam Henegar had some questions. He mentions the need to have guidelines on who gets a county vehicle, the need for a list of all county vehicles and who is driving them. He also wants in the policy a statement about the use of alcohol and illegal drugs and transport of alcohol and illegal drugs is prohibited. Cleburne County Attorney Holly Meyer, who prepared a first draft of the policy, told the Justices she would add what they wanted and bring back a new draft for the next meeting. Henegar made a motion to table the policy until a revised draft could be brought before the court at the next meeting. The motion passed unanimously. In other business, an offer of $25,000 has been made on the old nursing home owned by the county. According to Judge Hunt, it would cost approximately $26,000 just to remove the floor in the old building to get rid of the asbestos and approximately $70,000 to demolish it. The county received an appraisal for $55,000 for the land alone. After a discussion on how best to dispose of the building, a motion was made to put the building up for bid with a minimum price of $25,000 as is, meaning the county would not be responsible for the removal of the asbestos. The Justices are also looking into different selling options for the old OES building and the old Municipal Court building (old post office). The Justices unanimously passed a resolution to allow the County Judge and County Clerk to enter into an engineering agreement with Brock Engineer of Heber Springs for a water expansion project for Mountain Top Water. Mountain Top is looking to receive funding approval from the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission for the expansion. The Justices also unanimously passed a resolution to support the appointed members of the Cleburne County Equalization Board and County elected officials. With the Fayetteville Shale play, the valuation of minerals, including but not limited to natural gas, to be a significant and contentious tax issue before Equalization Boards across the state. And the Quorum Court resolves to support and defend its elected officials and appointed members of the County Equalization Board acting in their official capacities to enforce the laws of the State of Arkansas within their appropriate and legal discretion as set out in the Equalization Appeal System. The Justices further discussed the A/V bids. It was brought up that once they accept an bid and make a down payment, the firm had 30 days to complete the audio/visual installation. Several of the Justices asked if the furniture people could have their part done within the 30 days as well so that the dedication of the building could be set for the end of September, first of October. A motion unanimously passed to have the building fully complete in the 30 days. The Justices briefly discussed fencing some of the new complex for further security and decided to look into that in the near future before adjourning the meeting.