We all know that good nutrition is important, starting with that most important meal of all—-breakfast.

We all know that good nutrition is important, starting with that most important meal of all—-breakfast. But, you may say I just can't stand facing a nutritious meal when I first get up. If that is how you feel, then you are not alone So, what can you do about this seeming obstacle to getting great nutrition at the start of your day? Blended smoothies and smoothie nutritional shakes have long been nutrition that I enjoy. You can create them in any flavor, and with so much real nutrition that it is possible to use them to help your family have wonderful health. These are perfect for those who don't like, or don't have time for regular breakfast foods. They can be fixed for a family and are quick, easy and yet delicious. When I add my smoothies to a protein base I generally make them to be an entire meal replacement. I gave a neighbor a sample of a delicious vanilla protein shake mix, and the following is what she made with it: In her blender she put Coconut water, One scoop Lean Vanilla Protein Shake mix, 2 TB flaxseed meal (added great oils and body with a nutty taste) 1 banana About c pineapple Handful of frozen strawberries-or you could use fresh. Ice—this is optional. Everything tastes great, so no sweetener is needed. Blend and enjoy. This became a delicious Trop-i-licious (she named it) meal for her that kept her satisfied for hours. It may be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch or anytime for that matter. Of course you could change or tweak it any way you wish. Since it was tropical in flavor and oh-so-good, she named it Trop-i-licious These are great for any member of the family, but kids usually love them, and they are so nourishing. Another way I use mine is to put my glycol-nutritionals and other supplements in them. I don't even taste the extra nutrition - yet they add so much to my nutritional lifestyle. With school just starting—remember, kids are usually starving when they arrive home in the afternoon. Why not have a blender-full ready for them. This is much healthier than cokes, cookies or other snacks that have no nutrition in them. And another fact is most children love them and don't notice that they are good for them. Also, you could make Trop-i-licious frozen pops ahead of time and keep in the freezer for kids of all ages. This is one recipe that my neighbor made. What are you making? Please try this one, and then begin to create other recipes that your family enjoys. If you have some that your family loves, send me a copy, and if I get a few good ones I will print them for everyone to try. If I get some that are similar I may write one basic recipe with options for other variations. Share the ways you incorporate healthier foods into your families' lifestyle. For more recipes ideas and even videos of smoothies please go to: http://www.squidoo.com/One-Cool-Way-to-Handle-Our-Sizzling-Summer These smoothie shakes are more than just for summer. I love them all year round. Whether this is something that could solve your problem of having a good breakfast, or you decide to use it for another time of the day; It can add so much to getting better nutrition into that important body of yours- and those you love. You and your loved ones are worth every effort to get great delicious nutrition. (Carmel Aaron lives in Heber Springs, has a degree in biology and has been certified by Proevity in Nutrition and Glycemic Indexing; she operates Anatomy Academy Wellness, where she teaches a Certified Diet Wellness coaching program. New classes starting 2 or 3 times a year–- Group Discounts?-– email Carmel at: AWellnessCoach@Gmail.com)