Pertaining to the health care crises this nation faces, the wisdom of Ed Lacy,Vice President and Administrator of Baptist Health Medical Center – Heber Springs seems to be beyond most people.

Pertaining to the health care crises this nation faces, the wisdom of Ed Lacy,Vice President and Administrator of Baptist Health Medical Center – Heber Springs seems to be beyond most people.

            He will patiently tell you there are three legs to the health care stool.  They are accessibility, quality and cost.  We cannot have all three on a favorable basis – it is impossible.  In the fantasy world of Obamacare, we can bring quality health care to all and reduce the cost.  No we can’t.  If we want to bring all encompassing health care to the entire populace, quality will no doubt suffer and costs will go through the roof.  If we insist on greatly reduced costs, it will be impossible to cover everyone and continue to receive quality and so it goes.

Obamacare goes crazy on insisting coverage of preventive care, pre-existing conditions, contraception and all kinds of free services.  Because of unrealistic expectations, many doctors and health care experts believe that many family practitioners will change to concierge medicine whereas instead of handling 2,000 patients, they will restrict themselves to 500 patients whereby they can give quality care and receive more compensation.  Where will the other 1,500 patients go with fewer doctors and herds of new patients from Obamacare pounding the doors?




Now that the dust has settled a little let’s review the little escapade regarding Chick-Fil-A.  Their leader and spokesman made the bold statement that he believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman.  You would think he committed a major crime or at the least, raised a Nazi flag.  Mayors of large cities informed all of us there is no place in their cities for such a Neanderthal who has such old fashioned thinking.

Far left columnists refer to the hate by those believing in marriage between a man and a woman while their own columns oozed hate and intolerance from their own prejudice writing.

Whenever citizens have been asked to vote on gay marriage - 31 states, they have voted against this abomination sometimes by huge margins.  Yet we are led to believe only a few Bible thumpers are against gay marriage.  The only states where gay marriage is allowed is where liberal judges or legislators have overruled the votes of the electorates.

The most disturbing aspect of this whole episode is that gay rights’ people and their supporters actually want us to believe no one dare have an opinion different than those who want to promote and glorify same sex marriage.  I feel sorry for those who have their whole lives revolved around an issue that should be personal and shouldn’t be advertised by words and behavior that is offensive to many of us.

Chick-Fil-A has gained many customers and deservedly so.  They produce a quality product delivered by polite and well trained employees and show respect for this Christian nation by closing on Sundays.

Meanwhile the gays and their supporters protest by having a kiss-in at

Chick-Fil-A stores.  How lovely!




            In spite of Democrat attempts to move the focus elsewhere, one of the main issues in this election year is the status of the economy.  In one of Obama’s many ads our president says, don’t go back to the old ways with Republicans as this is what caused “the problem” in the first place.

            A little research into this problem area reveals some interesting facts.  On

July 27, 2000 a first time Republican congressman from Wisconsin proposed legislation to reduce the risk of the wild antics of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Only 12 other congressmen supported this bold and important proposal.  After all, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were heroes because they were allowing virtually anyone to own their home.

            Mr. Ryan continued his sometimes lonely effort to reform the mortgage giants.  He was pooh-poohed by Democrat leaders especially Senators Frank and Dodd who assured all of us Fannie and Freddie were fantastic organizations that were in good financial shape.

            We all know now that the collapse of these two mortgage giants were the key factor in a housing melt down that caused economic doom.  These sad set of events is now what Obama claims the old ways that caused this problem in the first place.  Only a socialist-like Democrat could attempt to refigure these facts to benefit the guilty party.




            Isn’t it interesting a Republican candidate for senator from Missouri makes a stupid comment about rape and screws up his interview in trying to explain the unborn baby shouldn’t be punished regardless how he or she was conceived.  All hell breaks loose and Democrats and Republicans alike insist upon his immediate exit as a candidate.

            Meanwhile we have an ex-president who parades around the world giving wisdom to all on any subject and seems to be revered by many.  The same ex-president who was accused a number of times of rape himself by reliable victims.  The response seems to be, “That’s just Billy Boy – we all know he’s a lady’s man.”