The councilmen chose to appoint a mayor to replace Don Ware who passed away last week.

Newly hired city attorney James Hensley told the council because the city is a Class 2 they could appoint a mayor or hold a special election. The councilmen chose to appoint a mayor to replace Don Ware who passed away last week.  A notice in the local newspaper will solicit those interested in the appointment and come before the council next month.

The council approved the second item on the agenda, Hensley’s proposal on payment that included a flat rate of $1,291 a month with no other fees or charges to the city. The council liked the idea of being able to budget the flat rate and then have unlimited access to Hensley 24/7.
The final item on the agenda was the fireworks event held every year. The fireworks were a passion for the former Mayor and the council wanted it continued. Jane Feland from the Greers Ferry Chamber asked to take over the event and the council approved. Due to a fire ban the 4th of July fireworks were postponed. Now plans to shoot the fireworks will take place on September 22 during the Greers Ferry Fall Festival with the local fire department assisting in case of any problems.

A discussion on why the flag outside city hall could not be flown at half-mast for the passing of Don Ware came from Councilman Bob Carr and Mickey Stewart. Councilman Carr asked Hensley why the flag could not be flown half-mast and said residents also questioned why. In an explanation from Hensley he said, the President, Governors and the Mayor of Washington D.C. can only give the orders to fly the flag at half-mast. “It was not that we didn’t want to”, said City Treasurer Treva James, “but when we looked into it after we did lower the American Flag we found out it was not the right thing to do so we lowered the State flag instead.” Residents in attendance still disagreed and thought it should have been done.