When most men and women today have a clear understanding of the word rape, does dissecting it become necessary?

The rape of noblewoman Lucretia was a starting point of events, which overthrew the Roman Monarchy and established the Roman Republic. As a direct result of rape, Lucretia committed suicide. While becoming poetic material for the pen of Shakespeare and dialogue for a two act Opera in 1946, females were left in despair at the moral emptiness of this story. Men's rhetoric was that all pain is given meaning, and all sin redeemed.

When most men and women today have a clear understanding of the word rape, does dissecting it become necessary? Should sophisticated intelligence algorithms be designed to find new meaning of particular words for politicians use as they wage their war on women? Do phrases used to describe initiatives of politicians seen as restricting women's rights, especially with regard to reproductive rights, require a disambiguation page? A page giving interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding? Did Congressman Todd Akin believe his tale of blarney would earn him points on the brilliancy chart when he claimed that women who are the victims of "legitimate rape" have an inability to become pregnant? He should try explaining that to the women or underage girls who have conceived while being emotionally and physically traumatized. Legitimate vs. illegitimate rapes? What an entanglement! And really, who came up with "non-consensual" sex? Sex is something that happens when the parties involved are consenting. Rape isn't sex. It's an act of violence. It can be twisted any which way with any assortment of terms, but rape is still rape.

Akin's repulsive view is only a preview of the dangerous policies the Republicans peddle and reflects more evidence of the GOP's "war on women." Even Mr. Optimism, Mike Huckabee preached that there's a bright side of rape, which he explored with Akins on his radio talk show. He asked, "Why is everybody so down on rape? (That sounds like lyrics for a song.) He continued with his next verse, "Rape has created some extraordinary people." Does he believe no matter what contact we encounter with another human, it should be preserved? President Obama's Administration has expanded the definition of sex crimes to include men as rape victims. Do you think maybe Mike Huckabee would be preaching a different sermon if he were the subject of a "legitimate" penetration? And yet, another republican, State Senator Chuck Winder, Idaho Lawmaker, justified his opposition to abortion in cases of rape by questioning whether women "really know what rape is." "Really, Mr. Senator! Why don't you enlighten our ignorant lot! Wow us with your disambiguation!"

Mitt Romney's primary objective is to own the title of President. He, therefore, doubled down on his wishy-washy, conservative policies by selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan has led the charge against women with his severely conservative positions, which are devastating for women's individual rights. His record of Abortion opposition is consistent with Akin's. If given the power to do so, they will erase the Roe v. Wade historic Supreme Court decision. They will not embrace issues that need to be kept between women, their doctor and God. With lack of scientific and moral clarity, they will stride toward policies placing women and young girls in jeopardy of history being repeated. "Back Alley" abortions will again become a refuge for desperation. Mental acceptance of such radical policies, and conviction in their reality, is colored by perceptions, opinions, and human emotions. Women married to these radical opinionated politicians need to have their common sense uncorked. Why must Women have to continue to fight for their rights? If I were the wife of any one of these men, I'd slap him up side the head. I don't believe that would require any defining equation. And, that's my opinion. . . . . . .

(Sharen Jergenson of Heber Springs writes her "And, that's my opinion column... for The Sun-Times monthly)