One of the old fashioned ideas drilled into most of us in the South and the Midwest is that everyone should obey the law.

One of the old fashioned ideas drilled into most of us in the South and the Midwest is that everyone should obey the law. We were taught that if you disagreed or thought the law was unfair, you worked with your congressman or legislator to change it, but until then you were obligated to obey the law’s decree. Get with it, folks! This is yesterday’s way of thinking. Not only do you no longer need to abide by the law, the Obama administration, guided by the president and the attorney general, will support and abet your cause of disobedience. So goes the current situation with the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This law is simplistic in its provisions defining marriage as between a man and a woman for federal purposes. This law passed congress in 1996 with massive bipartisan majorities. President Bill Clinton signed it into law proving he was an all-American patriot. For the first two years of President Barack Obama’s term, his Justice Department defended the law in court and in consequence took heat from homosexual activists. Obama’s comments were he found DOMA “abhorrent”, but his administration had a “duty to uphold existing law”. Then as explained in the August 11th issue of World magazine, a strange and now typical position was taken by Obama and his clan. In February 2011 the President and Attorney General Holder, announced they deemed the DOMA law to be unconstitutional. Holder said his attorneys would no longer defend the law. Since then, the Justice Department has not simply refused to defend the law but has participated in litigation against it. That, ladies and gentlemen is down right scary. History is full of demonic and misguided leaders who were arrogantly convinced they knew best and overrode laws or constitutional protection. This leads us only one step away from our federal government prosecuting those who believe and whose actions support marriage as being between one man and one woman. In fact, several Democrat mayors of large cities tried to put into practice this type of action by denying Chick-Fil-A to open new restaurants in their cities. As an example as to how far the Obama administration has taken this disobedience of the law, consider the challenge to the law in Philadelphia. The lawyer defending the DOMA, Dale Schowengerdt, found himself defending US law while the Justice Department lawyer stood on the other side. Schowengerdt said, “We thought they would just sit on the sidelines. It was very strange to have the Department of Justice lawyer get up and attack the law.” Nor is this DOMA the only instance where this administration is completely failing their obligation. On November 4, 2008 the new Black Panther Party (NBPP) members wearing military style fatigues and black berets showed up at a Philadelphia polling station. A video was made of the leader, Shabazz, brandishing a nightstick and remarked to poll watcher Bartle Burl, “Now you will see what it means to be ruled by a black man, cracker.” The Bush administration filed civil charges of voter intimidation against Shabazz, the NBPP and others. In April 2009 the defendants failed to appear in court and the Bush Department of Justice won by default. By this time the Obama administration was in power and they promptly dismissed the charges. The reason for dismissal, “The facts and the law don’t support the case.” Bartle Burl, the poll watcher, and well known civil rights attorney called the incident, “The most blatant form of voter intimidation I have encountered in my life.” There’s more, lots more. Holder and his gang are suing Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio for daring to enforce immigration law. This was being attacked by Holder because Sheriff Joe had the gall to enforce Arizona law when the federal government deliberately failed to enforce its own immigration laws - another example of Obama’s Department of Justice being on the opposite side of where they should be on litigation. Operation Fast and Furious is still another instance where Attorney General Holder is defying the very law he took an oath to uphold. The DOJ purposely allowed weapon smuggling to buy guns at federally licensed firearms dealers in Arizona. Rifles sold to smugglers ended up killing many innocents including U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Our attorney general has refused to cooperate with congress. He has failed to release key documents and correspondence and is now facing a lawsuit brought by congress, evidently protecting those in Obama’s administration who messed up. Another incident that should give us grave concern is the Obama inaction in enforcing the law to distribute ballots to our servicemen and women in a timely manner. Knowing that the majority of service personnel vote Republican, Holder stonewalled and ignored this law in the 2010 election. Can you imagine what will occur in these key areas controlled by the President and Attorney General Holder if Obama is reelected? These events mentioned above should indeed be enough for thinking people. (Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each Wednesday)