Submit your question for local candidates to be considered for our special October 12 political section!

Have a question you would like to ask this year’s candidates?  The Sun-Times is publishing a special political section on October 12 listing all the candidates that will be on the local ballot. Local candidates for the major races will be mailed a questionnaire with a list of questions chosen by The Sun-Times and 2 questions selected from our readers’ submissions.  The questionnaires will be sent to the candidates for State Senate, State Representative, County Judge, and County Sheriff. 

Questions submitted should address a specific issue and the candidates’ position on that issue.  Questions that are considered personal attacks or that show preference for one candidate over the other will not be considered. Questions should be about local/state issues and not about topics considered "national", i.e. health care law, foreign policy, etc.  The Sun-Times reserves the right to reject any question. 

To submit your question, email us at  Please include your name, city, and a valid phone number at which you can be reached for verification.  All question submissions must be received by 9 am, Monday, September 24.