We had a visitor show up unexpectedly at my house this week. A little black and white Boston Terrier.

We had a visitor show up unexpectedly at my house this week. A little black and white Boston Terrier. He was a cute little guy with a friendly, waggy little stub of a tail. I first noticed him in our driveway close to the road. The girls had spied him first, of course, and were letting us know by barking, growling, running from one end of the room to the other, and wagging their own tails excitedly.
By the time I saw him and told my husband about him, he'd already made it to the front door, which was open to let the cool breeze come in through the screen. We shut the door thinking it would calm the girls down until the little cutie went down the road.
About an hour later, I let the girls into the backyard. They had quieted down, so I figured he had gone away. Nope, he was sitting at the back gate. Of course the girls went crazy when they saw him and I had to corral them in and shut the back door so they couldn't see or smell him.
I waited two hours and let them out again. Nothing. No sign of him and no crazy barking and running from the girls. I was a little sad because he was so cute. I knew we couldn't take in another stray no matter how much I would have loved to. Since the coast was clear, I decided I could take some items to my laundry room, which is off of the carport. I opened the door, and there he stood, wagging his whole body with excitement. He made a dash for the door but I was able to close it before he got in. I knew it was going to be cold so I got him some food and tried to arrange a chair so that he could have a somewhat warm rest during the night.
I worried about him all night. I wanted to take a blanket out to him, but they were in the bedroom where my husband was already sleeping. I checked on him a couple of times and gave him some water.
When I woke up the next morning, he was gone. He looked like he had been well taken care of. It was obvious he was someone's pet. I can only speculate where he went. But I'm hoping he found his way home, his owner came looking for him, or some other caring soul who could take a dog in took pity on him and took him in.

(Lorie Mink of Pangburn is the Editor for The Sun-Times. Her column appears here each Friday. Email her at lifestyles@thesuntimes.com)