It’s a bizarre world we live in that people criticize intelligence and success.

  As Carlo Collodi wrote about the world of Pinocchio, we too live in a world of hard realities for the basic measures of daily life.  The creation by “Geppetto” yet today gives  replays of human contradictions. Need we have a “Blue Fairy” reminding us to “always let your conscience be your guide?”  It’s not our nose, but lies which tend to grow and are easier to see through than liars imagine them to be.  Will we, as Pinocchio, gain wisdom through misadventures, or will we mistakenly forfeit our ideals for lies?

     It’s a bizarre world we live in that people criticize intelligence and success. But, how do we define those qualities?  The best education doesn’t guarantee intelligence. Capacity for reasoning and abstract thought with lying excluded does. Pinocchio learned that truth set him free . However, researchers from the University of Zurich have determined there is a correlation between brain anatomy and altruistic behavior. The more gray matter you have, the more altruistic you are. To me, that implies there’s a perceivable shortage of it among ultra-conservatives on Capitol Hill.

     Booker T. Washington stated, “Success is measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles he overcomes while trying to succeed.” Are we critical of men like Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Tom Brady and Michael Phelps or the late Steve Jobs?  I don’t believe so. Their success did not ascend via corporate dissociative disorders, but by a “Golden Rule” of reciprocity.   

     “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” Those words from Martin Luther King, Jr. are applicable to Romney’s gaffe,“my job is not to worry about the forty-seven percent of people who I’ll never convince to take personal care  and responsibility for their lives.” His arrogant dismissal of half of our nation should have struck a visceral cord with every American. In his vocabulary, welfare and public assistance are dirty words. I ask, what becomes of those in plight no longer considered to  be part of our American fabric? The glue that has held Americans together is the spirit of helping the weakest. From whence did the notion derive that altruism is a lost principle? Ryan, the biggest advocate for cutting and privatizing Social Security, neglected to reveal how he himself was a recipient of survivor benefits following the death of his father, and used the money for his college education. He apparently felt “entitled!” Now that word  disgustingly flows from their lips. Even Pinocchio recognizes hypocrisy.

     They lack specifics but continue to chant, “we can fix the economy. We know what to do!  Unlike the president, we have a plan to create 12 million new jobs.” Are they bold or just naive? Economy analysts predicted those numbers in job creation by 2016, no matter who is president. But, a Harry Potter magic wand is needed for President Obama to break the House GOP blocks preventing progress. Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said, “The Romney plan will slow down the economy, worsen the jobs deficit, and significantly increase the likelihood of recession.”  Do we really want a repeat of history?

     It’s been said, “before you criticize someone, first walk a mile in their shoes.That way, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes.” Romney has traded tailoring for a more L.L.Bean look while mingling with the “muggles.”  Therefore, shoes in his closet are on hold from wearing until after the election. What footwear might be gathering dust on his shoe racks?  Mezian oxfords from Spain at $1,100.00 a pair?  Less costly Bacco Bucci styles, or custom made pairs of Venetian leather with the Berluti name starting at $ 5,700.00 a pair? Yes, you read that correctly!  Incapable of relating to what he doesn’t know, he lacks recognition of his limitations. A leader needs to have a cool head. As he has shown, he lacks in both judgment and character. The new shoes he wears are not comfortable. They are too large and he can’t seem to fill them. If he’s not careful, he may trip and fall. He has already stumbled on several occasions.

      With respect to Mormonism, should it be true that Romney does indeed don sacred underwear as a “constant reminder” of covenants made to resist temptation, and stand firmly for truth, it would appear he needs to go shopping for some new undies. His sacred ones simply aren’t working.  . . . .And that’s my opinion.