AGFC releases area fishing report

Little Red River
Lindsey’s Resort (501-302-3139) said the river is clear and low. Trout fishing is excellent with marshmallows, Trout Magnets and PowerBait. Use night crawlers or spinners in high water. Sowbugs are working for fly anglers.
Just Fishing Guides filed no report this week.
Greers Ferry
As of Wednesday, the Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 453.8 feet msl (normal conservation pool – 461 msl).
Tommy Cauley of Fish Finder Guide Service said the water temperature is in the mid-70s to 80 degrees. Hybrid and white bass fishing is good with fish schooling all over the lake. Big Peter, Little Peter Creek, Kidney Cove, Heber Recreation Area, the peach orchard, the north bank from Shiloh to Cherokee Recreation Area and Cove Creek are good places. Try top-water baits, in-line spinners, the Arkansas Claw and spoons for the best bite. Find the bait and just be patient. Try to stay away from other boats as the fish will spook easily right now. Look anywhere in the water column between 15-40 feet. Bream have moved a little deeper but are still biting good with some moving back shallow. As the day warms the water, try crickets, night crawlers and small minnows on a drop-shot rig to show them something different. No report this week on crappie. Catfish are being caught on trotlines, jugs and such, with cut bait and line bream. Walleye are hit-and-miss. With the weather warming up, they are kind of undecided I guess. Try trolled crankbaits and night crawlers in 20-32 feet of water on the edges of flats. Bass fishermen need to be junk fishing since they are scattered everywhere and will eat a lot of different baits right now. Try spinner baits and crankbaits shallow; jigs and jighead worms in middle depths, and Texas rigs, Carolina rigs and the Arkansas Claw for deeper, suspended fish.
Cody S. Smith of said the water surface temperature had fallen to the mid-70s, which spurred a really good bite with temperate bass and some schooling largemouths, smallies and Kentucky bass. The Cindy K spinner by Fish Dinner lure company will catch them when presented in the right areas at the right time. Schooling on the north and south ends of the lake. Morning has been best and days of catching more than 50 fish are here. Walleyes are starting to be seen with better consistency now and should continue to improve throughout the fall. Lake Levels are still falling; be careful with shallow structure and timber close to the main channels in all of the creeks and river arms.
Greers Ferry Tailwater
Just Fishing Guides said plenty of low-water opportunities have wade anglers rejoicing, except at Bull Shoals. Mornings are better than afternoons, with late evening coming in second. Heavier flows are the norm in the afternoon. Bead-head nymphs such as pheasant tails and hare’s ears are producing well. Be sure to have foam or deer hair hoppers in your arsenal. Be ready to use various sizes and colors of grasshoppers to find what the trout are keying on. Early terrestrials like beetles and ants are getting some top-water action. Be sure to have some sulphur and light cahill dries in your fly box. Try a hopper/dropper combo to maximize your chances of hook-ups or, if possible, a double nymph rig. Doubles are very possible.