President was the big loser in the first debate

In 2009 the darling of the media and the hero of Hope and Change told his worshippers, “If I don’t get this economy turned around in three years, mine will be a one-term presidency.”

 On Wednesday last our complainer-in chief did his best to fulfill this prophesy.  Actually it wasn’t the pathetic showing in the debate but his complete lack of success in both domestic and foreign affairs that came to light long before the presidential debate.

Using Clinton’s words, the failures of this administration are so gigantic that even I (Clinton) could not have put a good spin on this dismal record.

  It is my understanding the local Democrats had a big debate watch party.  Wouldn’t you just love to have been a mouse in the corner to hear their comments after watching a complete wipe out of Obama?  No doubt the outward comments ranged all the way from complete denial to this fight wasn’t fair.  The referee, moderator Jim Lehr, should have stepped in not allowing Romney to score all these points or at least stopped this massacre after the first 60 minutes.

   It was so bad that some of you, including me, might tend to feel sorry for the “Hope and Change” guy.  Most of us so inclined snapped out of these feelings of sympathy when you realize the tremendous damage Obama has inflicted on this country.

After all, it’s difficult to be successful in a debate when the results of the past four years have been so dismal.  For the first year or two blaming everything on Bush might have garnered some traction, but now that mantra is growing stale even for his most ardent supporters.

So what are the excuses that are so prominently displayed?  One of the best is that Obama arrived in Denver only 4 or 5 hours before the debate and the higher altitude left him woozy.  This insightful thought comes from the climate change wizard, Al Gore.

Robert Reich, of academic fame, complained that it was a mismatch because Romney is a pugilist while Obama is an educator.  Still others have said that the debate was about even as Romney won on style while Obama won on substance.  If Obama’s performance was high on substance, then Arkansas’ football team has good basics in defense - it’s just they aren’t very flashy.

  Still others felt Romney’s tactics were disrespectable to the president especially since the media has treated Obama with kid gloves.  Thus he was not prepared for anyone to actually challenge his miserable presidential performance.

 Last Wednesday night you saw the differences between a man with a long list of business and political successes and a community organizer that has spent his life attempting to even out all economic elements of life.  Romney has an outstanding record of dealing successfully with Democrats when he was governor of Massachusetts.  Obama has spent four years ignoring any input from congressional Republicans and creating greater animosity between conservatives and liberals. 

Just ask yourself why Obama has used the term “tax breaks for the rich” hundreds of times when these tax breaks are miniscule in amount and do virtually nothing toward reducing the deficit or national debt.  The only purpose is to attempt to divide this country and create a class war.

So what are the discouraging aspects of this historical debate?  Here’s one – voters polled by CBS after the debate showed a dramatic increase in the number who thought Romney cared about them.  Before the debate only 30 percent said they thought Romney “cares about your needs and problems”.  After the debate the number rose to 63 percent.  First of all how completely uninformed are our voters that information obtained in one debate could change their minds?

 Secondly and most important, the implication by including this as an important question is that this should be an important criteria in voting.  I want a president who works with and solves important economic, social and world wide problems.  I don’t give a rat’s behind if our president ranks the highest in feeling our pain.  Does it accomplish anything if our country’s leader exhibits the utmost in empathy, while allowing our country to crumble financially and to tear down our military defenses?

One other discouraging element in this debate comes from a national media survey.  They interviewed 12 students from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  The question was, “Do you think it was fair that the election commission denied President Obama to use his teleprompter?”  Of course it was a loaded question but 11 of those 12 students thought it was indeed unfair to deny teleprompter use.  The lone dissenter was an older male student who was probably in his thirties.  Hooray for the education our college students are receiving.

 Several columnists have stated that while Romney definitely won, there were no one-liners that will go down in history.  Here is my favorite.  After Obama used one of his trite phrases for the second time saying, “We have got to stop giving tax breaks to corporations who move jobs overseas.”  Romney gave this response, “I have been in business 25 years and I have no idea what you are talking about.”  The response from Obama – complete silence.