Exercise, healthy eating help Stuttgart woman shed weight

About a year and a half ago, Karen Chappell woke up one morning and realized that she wanted to do something about her excess weight, knowing it was only up to her.

“In April of 2011, I realized that I have a wonderful spirit, a wanting to do things, however, on that morning I realized I simply didn't have to energy to do all of those things I wanted to do,” Chappell said. "From that moment on, I said this is just ridiculous and decided to do something about it," Chappell, who has lost 102 pounds, said. "I just couldn't keep up, I was tired all of the time."

Chappell said she began a plan of eating correctly and getting plenty of exercise.

"I had a wonderful support team of family and friends who cheered me every step of the way," Chappell said.

The healthy eating plan consisted of eating three meals a day with a snack during the afternoon such as a piece of fruit or a low fat and nutritious snack, Chappell explained.

"I always have to eat breakfast because it is very important to eat breakfast," Chappell said. "It is also important to be prepared for the next meal."

Chappell also stressed the importance of exercise and keeping up the pace if not every day, at least three times a week and drinking plenty of water, at least 80 to 100 ounces a day.

"I make sure I drink almost 100 ounces of water a day," Chappell said.

Chappell said she has much more energy than before her wight loss. She is even more outgoing than before, and she likes the feeling of having new clothes and even enjoys shopping for clothes now.

"Before the weight loss, I hated to buy new clothes," Chappell said. "They didn't fit well and all I had to choose from were black and brown."

Chappell said when she looks at photographs now from before and after her weight loss, she can see that it doesn't look like the same person, but she knows that photographs don't lie.

"I just celebrated my 47th birthday and my 100 pound loss and I feel great,"  Chappell said. "My family and friends also take credit because they always encouraged me to do this."