The Sun-Times is giving our readers a break from political coverage in the final week leading up to Election Day

Over the past few weeks, The Sun-Times has provided extensive coverage on politics, both national and local.  In fact, bringing our readers information and viewpoints from every point on the political spectrum has seemed, at times, to be a bit daunting and overwhelming.  After weeks of fundraising/political event coverage, political editorials/cartoons, and our complete Cleburne County Votes 2012 voter guide, we feel our readers have a library of information to make an informed decision about their leaders and issues in the upcoming election.

The Sun-Times does not endorse or give preference to any particular candidate, party, or issue in the upcoming election.  We feel that informed voters are the ultimate decision makers and we have done our best to provide tools that may help make an informed decision.  Therefore, we here at The Sun-Times, in an impartial manner, decided to place this election and its issues fully in the hands of voters.  From now until Election Day, we will not run election coverage on any candidates, events, or opinions.  This means no editorial event coverage for candidates or campaigns.  It also means we will take a weeklong break from running politically themed editorials, letters to the editor, and political cartoons.  The only exception will be paid political ads and basic voting/election information for our readers.

Thank you for reading The Sun-Times and we hope our election coverage has helped voters become better informed about their candidates and the issues facing Cleburne County.  We still have copies of our voter guide; so if you would like one for yourself, please stop by The Sun-Times office at 107 N.4th St in Heber Springs.  Your vote matters so exercise your basic right as an American and make your voice heard on Tuesday, November 6.