Recent police reports from HSPD

On October 15, police were dispatched to Sugarloaf St. regarding a woman standing in the street asking for cigarettes.  
The woman was reportedly waving her hands above her head and stopping traffic.  
When the officer told the woman to get out of the street, she is reported to have responded “No”.  
The 24-year-old Tumbling Shoals woman was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct.
Also on October 15, police received a call regarding a domestic battery incident on S. 10th St.
The woman claimed her husband, 26 year old David Brown of Heber Springs, punched her in the face and that Brown had been selling drugs out of their home.  
Brown reportedly denied hitting his wife and claimed the injury was the result of her hitting the door.  He was arrested for 3rd Degree Battery.
 Brown refused consent to search his home, but permission was given by his wife.  Police report finding drugs in the home and he was charged with felony Possession of a Controlled Substance.
On October 15, it was reported that 23 mounted steel wheels and tires were reported stolen from the Cleburne County Road Department.
On October 17, police received a report that a burglar broke into the China Delight restaurant and stole approximately $160 in change.  
According to the report, it appeared the burglar pried open a vent hole and entered through the small opening.  
Heber police have a lead in the case and are continuing their investigation.
On October 21, police stopped a vehicle on 7th St. after hearing reportedly hearing the vehicle accelerate very quickly and loudly.  
The officer smelled what appeared to be intoxicants in the vehicle and gave the 30-year-old Heber woman a field sobriety test, which she failed.  She was arrested and charged with DWI.
On October 23, officers were dispatched to a residence on Pinewood Dr. in regards to a report of residential burglary.  
The burglar reportedly broke a back window and entered but allegedly left a Styrofoam coffee cup near the broken window.  
The resident stated the cup belonged to neither her nor her husband and it was taken into evidence.  
The resident reported a silver purse was stolen with medication, and on further investigation reported a missing shotgun and camouflage bag containing hunting accessories.  
A suspect was located at the Lake and River Inn and 28-year-old Anne L. Goff of Jonesboro was arrested and charged with felony Residential Burglary.