Mayor Jackie McPherson introduced an ordinance to allow the City of Heber Springs to purchase a grappling truck directly from a company in Memphis without going through the bidding process. The ordinance was declared an emergency due to the limited opportunity to purchase the vehicle for $50,000 with a need to improve its trash and debris collection from city streets. The ordinance passed.
The second ordinance introduced and passed was for off-street parking regulations within the city limits.
The 12 page ordinance is available for review in the Mayor’s office and has been published in The Sun-Times. It encompasses parking requirements for single-family dwelling units to warehouses. The ordinance title reads:
An Ordinance to create comprehensive off-street parking regulations under the Authority of this municipality powers to plan and zone, within the city limits of Heber Springs, and for other purposes.
Another ordinance passed reads: An Ordinance amending Solid Waste Collection as it pertains to the disposal of grass and tree trimmings within city limits, and for other purposes.
The clarification for this ordinance allows removal of any leaves and limbs up to 4” or smaller at no charge. Limbs larger than 4” will be the homeowners’ responsibility. This and all ordinances can be viewed at city hall for more information.
Greers Ferry Lake Trail Council members Frank Wimberly and Jo Price approached the council requesting the city to approve leasing any part of the Wild Life Trail that might meander outside city limits.
The council approved the request. Approval was needed for them to pursue a $75,000 Trails for Life grant for the trail.
Heber Springs Chamber Executive Director Melisa Gardner asked the council and was approved funds up to $5,000 to purchase more LED decorations for the Cleburne County Courthouse Christmas display.
Shella Gillum was approved to serve on the A & P commission.