Hello again! Fall is here and with it comes deer season. The special man in your life would appreciate something that you created for him or it might simply make a great addition to your fall decor. The instructions for this pieces are listed below.


Mikes –443

Basecoat entire piece black. Drybrush deer real brown. Drybrush toast and very lightly with leather brown. Drybrush white on ears, around eyes, chest, and tail. Horns—drybrush medium brown, sand, lightly with cream and highlight very lightly with white. Paint eyes toast with black pupils—white catch light in the eyes. Paint nose and feet black. Grass—drybrush with shadow green and highlight with yellow. Spray with Mod Podge matte sealer. After spray sealer is dry paint hi gloss sealer on eyes and nose. This will look white and chalky but when dry the eyes and nose will look wet.

Green ware $6.60 or bisk is $9.60

Doc Holliday Paint Wal-Mart Duncan Mold Company

Real brown White Hi gloss sealer

Toast Black

Medium brown Mod Podge matte sealer

Shadow green

Leaf green

Leather brown