Greetings to my many fans. It is I, Whiskers, C.I.C, Cat in Charge coming to you from Heber Springs Humane Society Shelter and Re-Homing Center.

Greetings to my many fans. It is I, Whiskers, C.I.C, Cat in Charge coming to you from Heber Springs Humane Society Shelter and Re-Homing Center. I'm already hearing the staff talking about the holidays and I've seen some of our supporters coming in to the office to shop for Christmas surprises for their four-legged family members. I've already chosen a cat toy with floppy feathers so now I have to be sure Wade knows what I want. We have dog and cat toys, collars and leashes, comfy beds and sweaters for the coming cold weather. Don't forget your very important friends this season.
Wade is worrying about the overpopulation around here. Our shelter can only care for a limited number of dogs and cats and so many helpless animals desperately need our help. We have a waiting list for room at the shelter and we all worry about the fate of those we can't give safety and good care. We have some really loving dogs, spayed or neutered already, who have been sponsored by some of our kind friends. That means that they are available for adoption immediately in to a carefully screened home at no cost to their new human. Along that line why don't you consider sponsoring a dog in the name of a friend or family member at Christmas? Now that's a feel good gift!
I'm having fun helping staff watch over the little wire-haired Chihuahua who spends his days in the office. He wants to play every waking minute and never misses a thing that goes on around this busy place. Wade wants references and will screen carefully for this little guy but he will really light up your life. His office mate is Gia who weighs about 25 pounds but looks big and bigger next to my little friend. Gia is mostly white with tan, black and brown patches that she wears mid-length. She's a doll and I think my small friend has a crush on her. He doesn't know he's itty bitty, thinks he's big stuff.
Don't forget we have lots of kittens and puppies who would love to make your holidays even brighter. If you want a more mature presence in your life please consider our grown dogs and cats who have so much love to give.
From time to time I like to give you an update on one of my friends who left us for a forever home. Let me tell you about Chrissie's life today. Chrissie was found on the street two years ago, homeless, starving and very, very sick. She was about six months old and we'll never know how she ended up in such desperate circumstances. After weeks of antibiotics, tender care and all the food she could eat Chrissie blossomed in to a 13 pound beauty with shiny white fur and beautiful melting black eyes. Along came a retired couple who were lifelong animal lovers and who had an empty nest that needed filling.
Today Chrissie is about two years old, healthy, happy and very much loved. She tips the scale at 15 pounds today and has the best of care and all the attention she could ever want. She sleeps with her humans every night and they never need an alarm to wake them; they have Chrissie to take care of that. Chrissie can't wait to go out to her big yard where she has made it her mission in life to eradicate every squirrel in sight. She just enjoys the chase but has yet to catch up with one. She loves her toys and has a large basket in the living room for her many toys. Chrissie serves as co-pilot in her car where she rides on the center console. She always goes on vacation with her humans and knows just how to behave in hotels. Life is wonderful today for Chrissie and she has given her humans all the love in her little body.
Now it's back to work. I see a human coming in the office and I need to steer them to their perfect match. Think about this:
"No matter how little money or how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich." Louis Sabin