We can get a real chuckle out of the multitude of leftist columnists and TV commentators who have bombarded us recently as to why the Republicans lost the presidential election.

We can get a real chuckle out of the multitude of leftist columnists and TV commentators who have bombarded us recently as to why the Republicans lost the presidential election.

If you arrived from a distant land, you would assume the conservatives must have been beaten something like 80 percent to 20 percent. Or perhaps something like the lopsided defeats our Razorback football team has suffered this fall. Someone should remind these purveyors of wisdom the votes for Romney and Obama were virtually a tie.

If we Republicans have the wisdom of our Democrat friends who I am sure are giving us their best advice so we can be stronger, here is what we should do: We must cater more to the illegal immigrants, the abortionists, all the transgender crowd, the marijuana smokers and drug dealers, the ACORN supporters and of course, all the single women who insist we pay for their contraceptives. If only we would concentrate on this instead of the silly frivolous such as fiscal responsibility, reducing the federal deficit, more jobs, a smaller federal government and less need for welfare, we could then win elections. My answer to all this is "No Thanks."

One columnists claims our problem (the conservatives) is that we were hijacked by the Tea Party and describes them as (here is the one word that has become omnipotent in their language) Extreme.

Our liberal friends need to be reminded that most of these 80 or so new Republicans in the House in 2010 were reelected and they continue to stand for conservative principles so important to the continuation of this great country.

Just listen to move-on.org, MSNBC and a few others that spew the hatred of the left. They are convinced that the power of the religious right and the decency of Southerners and Mid-Westerners is greatly reduced. They point to the recent elections where gay marriage and marijuana smoking have been approved in 2 or 3 states. Isn't it strange that these same people who have complained about states' rights are now becoming the champions of such movements.

I say, let's proceed ahead with the states gaining more power. That is the essence of our constitution. As most of you know our founding fathers declared that those powers not specifically allocated to the federal government should remain with individual states.

And oh, by the way, if states' rights are becoming more important consider the states that have Republican governors. I believe the number is 30 states or 60 percent of the total. Just look at where most of the fiscal and moral problems exist today – in the Democrat states headed by Democrat governors. California has an immense problem of debt and deficits and they recently voted in a 13 percent income tax. New York, Illinois and Michigan are much the same with deficits coming out of their ears and with major problems of crime, unemployment, and secular practices dominating. New Jersey used to be a part of that motley group but since the elections of 2010, Republican Governor Christie has laid down the law, stood up to selfish teachers unions and balanced the budget in less than 18 months.

Most of you have seen the red- blue national map that portrays the United States color-coded by county. It is a maze of red (Republicans) punctuated by the blue tinge on both coasts and the upper mid-west. Take a little trip with me starting with the Canadian border of Washington, Montana and North Dakota. Sweep down through the

Great Plains through the fertile farm country in Nebraska, Missouri and Indiana. Make a zigzag pattern through the entire South several times. All this can be done without touching one county that voted for Obama. One state has particular significance. In Oklahoma not one county is painted blue. So remember the next time you travel through this great state, say a grateful thanks and spend a little money to show our appreciation for their determination and dedication.

Is it any wonder that some six states are planning to petition the president for the right to secede from the union? All right, don't get your panties in a wad; I am not advocating this type of action. But it does emphasize the intensity of feeling when common sense issues such as balancing the budget, right to life and less government welfare are being ignored as being not in vogue. To be cool we must forget about the principles that most of us believe in and get with the secular emphasis existing today.

Even my good friend Pete Jackson expressed the thought that the Republicans have been in the wilderness since reconstruction days and that might restrict them from governing successfully in Arkansas. Well, Pete, history has told us great ideas have come from those who have contemplated and meditated in the wilderness and that might be just what we need.