As we know, this time of the year is when the majority of people put on excess weight. So, I wanted to give you a few of my best weight loss or size control tips to help keep the damage low.

As we know, this time of the year is when the majority of people put on excess weight. So, I wanted to give you a few of my best weight loss or size control tips to help keep the damage low.

First you must decide your goal. Is it to simply maintain your size while going through the holidays? Or do you want to actually lose excess weight? After you decide your goal, then make a plan of action to accomplish it.

The following is to be used during the entire year for every day, special events, trips, cruises and of course to get through this very fattening holiday season.

The following are many of the tips that I use personally, and also help my classes with. We do not use diet pills, chemicals or drugs. Chemicals interfere with the design and workings of the body. What I use is natural foods and it enhances the way the body has been designed by god to work.

The first tip is something you have heard me speak about before. You must Prepare!!

Now, what do I mean when I say prepare? You begin by preparing your kitchen. It must be stocked with everything to ensure your success.

I would start with stocking my kitchen with good healthy clean meats. (That is unless you are a vegetarian.) Then I would make sure I had plenty of fresh, and for this time of the year, frozen produce. Go heavy on the non-starchy vegetables (low glycemic ones) and also have plenty of low glycemic fruits. But, eat less of these fruits as they do contain sugar in them.

By preparing your kitchen, you will be ready to make foods from scratch with no chemicals or additives in them. You will also be ready to make and take nutritious foods with you to help you with your goals.

Fresh produce has something else in them that is so helpful for us. They all contain fiber.

Fiber has 3 main benefits that we need to be aware of.

The first is: Fiber is filling so it has the added benefit of making us feel full longer

Second: Fiber slows down our food going through the colon or gut. By doing this it makes our foods lower glycemic-which makes it easier to help us lose that excess fat.

Third: Since fiber slows the food progression through our body, it stays in there long enough which enables us to draw more nutrition from it.

Fiber is so important that I also use a stand-alone fiber called Fiber Slim. It is great and I add it to recipes and take it as needed. I will put more of this information in the following article.

Many of us do not get enough good protein. So I also keep Whey and other protein on hand for recipes and nutritional shakes.

There is an extrapolation of the proteins' poly peptides of this whey protein that I use, and there are very specific reasons why I do so.

This special extrapolation formula is a specially designed whey protein blend that includes an advanced protein peptide technology combined with a bioavailable form of calcium in a powder that mixes easily with juice, yogurt, and even in many recipes. It is completely natural. There are no drugs or chemicals are in it.

The entire reason for this formula is to ensure the optimal level of fat-loss peptides

The following link will have more information in it for you, if you wish to learn more about it.

Something else that I have found to be so very helpful with my nutrition and my size control is a very healthy meal replacement mix that I use daily. It is low glycemic.

This is called GlycoSlim. It is a meal replacement mix which is made with non-genetically modified isolated protein. We can enjoy the health benefits of the phytonutrients in this great tasting mix.

Unlike many other meal replacement shakes, this mix is low-glycemic and contains no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives. The glycemic index is 36 with skim milk and 33 with water.

I add my special powdered nutrition to it and it becomes my super healthy mix that I use every day. I use it for my smoothies, my nutritional shakes, and as a base for many of my own recipes.

For more information on this subject and many, many other tips, please go to:

I hope my strategies are a help to you now though the holidays and also with every single activity, day, and event during the coming year.

Much success to you and to those you love.

(Carmel Aaron lives in Heber Springs, has a degree in biology and has been certified by Proevity in Nutrition and Glycemic Indexing; she operates Anatomy Academy Wellness, where she teaches a Certified Diet Wellness coaching program. New classes starting 2 or 3 times a year–- Group Discounts—Questions? email Carmel at: