According to the affidavit filed, the girl claims there was a history of flirting between she and Tinkle.

After further investigation, The Sun-Times has learned more details concerning the January 3rd arrest of Matthew Tinkle, 25 of Heber Springs, for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl.

According to the affidavit given to Heber Springs Police, the girl in question told authorities that about a month prior, she attended a "lock-in" at Tinkle's studio. After everyone left, she states she and Tinkle were watching a movie. When she went to another room to get her jacket, Tinkle allegedly followed her into the room and asked if she had to go. She stated she told him yes at which point she claims he unbuttoned her pants, pulled down her underwear, and then proceeded to pull his own shorts off, though he continued to wear his underwear. The girl claims he began hugging her. She then states she told him no, at which point he pulled up his shorts and they left the studio. The girl stated that he told her not to tell anyone.

Further in the affidavit, the girl claims that a couple of weeks before Christmas, she and a friend went to Tinkle's house to watch a movie. She then claims she returned another day to, again, watch a movie. During this particular meeting, the girl says the watched a movie on Tinkle's laptop while lying on his bed since he did not have a television. She claims his roommates were downstairs, but wasn't sure if they were aware she was upstairs in his room. She then claims he put his arms around her and touched her waist, at which point she claims to have moved his hands away. She goes on to state that he began touching her and removed her clothing. He then, allegedly, removed his own clothing and they proceeded to have intercourse. She states that Tinkle wore a condom and, again, told her not to say anything.

In the affidavit, the girl claims that she and Tinkle had a history of texting back and forth and there was flirting on both sides. She also alleges that Tinkle asked her to have sex with him during these text exchanges. She stated that she did not have to pay to attend Tinkle's business, Tink's Tumblers, and that he had mentioned he would help her obtain a scholarship.

On January 3, an officer contacted Tinkle and asked if he would go to the police station to talk. The statement alleges Tinkle told officers he would be there in 30 minutes, but didn't appear at the stated time. Officers were then dispatched to arrest Tinkle.

Tinkle makes his first court appearance on January 22. Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Holly Meyer would like to remind the public that Tinkle, as with all individuals charged with a crime, are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.