Quitman held its monthly city council meeting Monday, with a few tense moments between between Mayor Cyndi Kerr and Roxanne Lindsey

Quitman held its monthly city council meeting Monday, with a few tense moments between Mayor Cyndi Kerr and Roxanne Lindsey, who was recently relieved of her First Responder duties over a Facebook controversy.

The beginning of the meeting started with bylaws for the ambulance service being given to council members to take home for review. The Council will discuss and vote on the bylaws in a future meeting.

Also at the meeting, it was reported that the State Audit Report for 2011 came back with no negative findings for the city of Quitman. Discussion on building permits was postponed until another meeting.

Angela Fisher addressed the Council over concerns about a 10ft piece of property adjoining hers that she claims belongs to the city as per the findings of a surveyor. Her main concern about the property was maintenance and possible city responsibility for its maintenance. Mayor Kerr said that currently the city has no knowledge of that property belonging to Quitman, but she would look into the issue and get back with Fisher.

When Sissy Pike, who was scheduled to address the Council, did not appear, the agenda moved on to Roxanne Lindsey. Lindsey was recently released from Quitman's First Responder services after she posted comments on her personal Facebook page that were perceived as negative towards the First Responder service. Kerr informed the Council that Lindsey had been warned before about posting negative commentary about the city on Facebook. Kerr stated that, after Lindsey was released from services, she and the fire chief went to Lindsey's residence to get property that belonged to the city. As Kerr continued to give a recount of what transpired, Lindsey repeatedly interrupted, often calling the mayor a liar. After a brief back and forth between Kerr and Lindsey, Kerr asked her if she was before the Council to ask for reinstatement. Initially, Lindsey responded that she was only there to make suggestions on how to improve the First Responder program, but after Kerr asked her again what she wanted from the Council, Lindsey asked for reinstatement.

The Council recessed to have a personnel meeting. When they returned, the Council expressed doubts about the sincerity of Lindsey's remorse in making the Facebook comments and eventually voted unanimously not to reinstate Lindsey.

As the meeting came to a close, Kerr gave Council members a letter for review and future vote. City employees and volunteers would have to sign this letter, which would ban them from making negative comments about city services on Facebook, Letters to the Editor, etc.

Quitman City Council meetings are held the second Monday of every month.