What do we do when we suddenly hit a bump in the road of life?

The Bible’s wisdom tells us that “Time and Unforeseen Occurrence befall them all.”  And, the longer we live, the more we realize this is true.
So, during our day-to-day life excursions, occurrences will unexpectedly happen.  Unfortunately, not all of them are happy or pleasant ones.  But, good or bad, I am speaking about occurrences that are totally out of our control.
What do we do when we suddenly hit a bump in the road of life?  That is the question.
Do we throw our hands up into the air, and just say-I give up?  
As a matter of fact, where has giving up ever gotten us?
I hit a bump in the road last spring that I haven’t recovered from even yet.  I am still working on making a recovery.
What do I mean when I say that I am working to recover?  Just that:  the doctors are doing their thing, and I am doing my own thing.
What is my thing?  My thing is to continue with as healthy a lifestyle as possible, under these circumstances.  I still will not eat sugar or processed foods, and I try to drink plenty of clean pure water each day, I do try to exercise in the ways that I can, and I try to keep a regular sleep schedule (which has been very difficult).
That means I even carry my nutritional supplements wherever I go, even when I am in the hospital or doing an out of town treatment.
What has been the result of my not giving up?  My own results, so far have been beneficial to me.  
1. When I have had to go to the hospital I am asked to show my medicines and I have said:  “what meds?”  One time my daughter looked up (from her business phone call) and said, “my mom is very healthy-except for this accident.”
2. My orthopedic surgeon has told me that continuing to keep my healthy condition is why (1) I am still alive; (2) still have a leg, and (3) why I am doing this well under these circumstances.
Even my doctors’ nurses have taken turns telling me how healthy I am, and how well I am doing.  Their observations and comments have been very encouraging to me.
But, today’s column is not about me.  Its purpose is to encourage each and every one of you to take as good care of your own selves, in whatever situation you find yourself, for your own health benefits.
Just what type of bumps along life’s journey am I talking about?  
Examples of Life’s Bumps:
Bumps are such things as deep profound grief from loss, whether it is because of divorce, someone moving away, or death of a loved one; psychological issues, anxiety attacks, emotional problems, financial reversals, illness, accidents and injuries, or becoming caregiver to elderly parents and/or grandchildren.  As you see, there are many types of bumps, and so many more than what I have listed.
Why do we need to decide our plan of action now?  Because it is beneficial for all of us to realize that it is always better to take excellent care of ourselves, to be the very best we can be under any and all circumstances.  But, if we wait until something devastating happens, sometimes you will be spiraling down way too fast to reverse the process.  So, make necessary lifestyle changes now, and plan to keep to these, no matter what.
My own conclusion on this subject is that no matter what happens. I am better served to eat properly, and not use sugar or processed foods and to live as healthy as I possibly can.  I am better able to repair, and reverse some of the damage myself, if I take very good care of myself now and always.
Notice this site to see how nutrition and lifestyle can affect even your lifespan.
Since we all hit bumps on life’s road at one point or another, I do hope that you too choose to take the very best care of yourselves and those you love.
Remember:  Time and Unforeseen Occurrences befall us all.

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