Some say we don’t have the right to question God, while others say, why not, He’s our Heavenly Father.
You may be surprised to know that there are more Christians who are not willing to admit that they have wrestled with the question, “Why God?” while facing life’s difficulties. As you well know life can be puzzling sometimes, and when it doesn’t make sense our humanity seeks to understand why.
Although I am fully aware that there are some things that will remain a mystery until the end, but I believe that God will not become angry with us when we go to Him in sincerity and express our complexity and confusion.  God wants us to be honest with Him--after all, He already knows what is in our hearts and minds.
While searching scriptures, I found it quite interesting that factual words are recorded of many biblical saints who struggled to understand certain things that happened in their lives.  Moses; (Numbers 11:9-11) Joshua (Joshua 7:7) The psalmist David (Psalms 22:1) The faithful man Job; (Job 21:7) the loyal Prophet Habakkuk; (Habakkuk 1:13) Even Jesus Christ, God-man incarnate who knew all things and never sinned, asked, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46)   Ultimately, I believe these were recorded for our benefit.
 I too, have struggled with certain issues that caused me to ask why.  And after 14 months of pondering for answers, on one cold December morning, I was prompt to get out of bed.  After going to the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, I reached for my bible. I opened my bible to John 17:4 and began reading.  Immediately I knew God was revealing His answer to me.  Once I finished reading, He spoke to me and said, “Rest in these words; have peace”       
 My dear friend, I don’t know what your story is.  But perhaps you too have questioned God in light of a personal trial or tragedy.  And if anyone can empathize with you, it is God himself.  
He understands your struggles and He wants you to come to Him when you are in question.   Whether you get an answer or not, please remain faithful and trust Him with the elements of your life that are too complex for you to understand.