Some of my progressive friends seem shocked how us right-to-life folks can be so adamant about not killing unborn infants and at the same time be advocates of the death penalty.

Some of my progressive friends seem shocked how us right-to-life folks can be so adamant about not killing unborn infants and at the same time be advocates of the death penalty.,  One intelligent woman denounced us by saying, “Where’s your sense of justice and why are you so inconsistent?”
There is a pretty simple answer to this indignant position which I’m sure most of you have already surmised.  Those who are on death row have already committed a heinous murder, many such felons have killed more than once, while the unborn is certainly the epitome of innocence with no one to even plead their defense.
Speaking of abortions, Planned Parenthood released their annual report which indicates they were responsible for 334,000 abortions last year.  For those of you who worry about population growth, it will be comforting to learn that over the past three years Planned Parenthood was responsible for one million abortions.  Yes, that’s right.  This is the same organization that receives federal funding.  So if you are one of the 50 percent of U.S. adults that pay federal income tax, you are assisting this non-defensible slaughter of the unborn.
There are books, movies and television shows about those sitting on death row and just days, sometimes hours before execution, the truth comes out, the condemned are proven innocent and all is well with the world.  You often hear the comment, “It is better to have one hundred guilty go free than have one innocent person put to death.”  I disagree.  I like the odds of preventing a hundred or perhaps thousands killings by not releasing the convicted.  If we make one tragic mistake of executing an innocent, that is the lesser of two evils and should not be used as a reason to abandon capital punishment.
There are literally hundred of cases where convicted killers are released, only to repeat their murderous actions the second or third time.  Want some specifics?  As noted in the Dem-Gaz the man who recently ambushed and killed firemen in New York had been released from prison after spending 17 years for murdering his own grandmother with a hammer.  The bleeding hearts think gun control will solve our violence problem.
Not too many years ago our own governor pardoned a convicted killer and within two months the monster struck again and killed a woman just outside of
Kansas City, Missouri.  This little scenario is repeated over and over again and yet releasing convicted murders is justified to give these characters a second chance.
After supporting the death penalty for years Governor Beebe says he no longer favors capital punishment.  He says it’s a heart wrenching experience for any governor to sign death warrants.  He has signed eight such warrants and none of the recipients have been executed.
Just like Obamacare our governor is now taking the opposite position of the majority of Arkansans on the capital punishment issue.  Perhaps he has had another consultation with his good friend Kathleen Sebelius.  Since she strongly supports “abortion rights”, she is no doubt against executing convicted murderers.  At any rate if our governor claims he can’t stand the pressure of his duties, there is always resignation.


Speaking of federal funding even the Republicans don’t have the guts to not fund the most consistent propaganda for socializing America -this being National Public Radio and Public Television.  Yes, I listen and watch both to get an idea of their extremism. Read what Llewellyn King, host and executive producer of White House Chronicle on PBS, writes. “A tranche of traditional white America expressing itself through the Tea Party movement and its Republican adherents are genuinely and understandably traumatized by the changing political landscape.  Their anger – this raw and molten thing, this anger is real, but it is being manipulated by agenda-pushers.  These disaffected Americans are told that taxation is punitive, that abortion is sinful and that gun ownership is liberty while government health programs equal socialism.”
Wow that’s a mouthful!  This should straighten out our misguided thinking about taxation, abortion, gun ownership and government takeover of health programs.  How could so many of us have been so wrong for so many years?
All of this and so much other garbage is partially funded by you and me, the American taxpayer.  The very logical question is: why doesn’t the federal government help to fund Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and other conservative pundits?
Just this morning a reporterette on NPR was explaining to us the fact that the senate has not presented a budget the last four years is no big deal.  After all, she says, the budget is mostly symbolic and the budget doesn’t do appropriations.  Many American families and employees of business and non-profits will be relieved to know budgets aren’t important and can be ignored.    

In the spirit of friendly competition I need to respond to comments in this paper by my progressive friend, Pete Jackson.  He opined that he believes the Republicans actually expected to win the president election last November.  Yes Pete, we did expect to win this national election.  We also expected to win the state and local elections.  Two out of three ain’t bad.

(Jerry Jackson of Heber Springs writes his “conservative viewpoint” column each Wednesday)