As I rehash back on last year’s Christmas, truthfully said, it wasn’t a good one. The absence of our beloved husband, father and Big Poppa left our 2011 Christmas crippled.  It was torture to our souls trying to celebrate Christmas without having him around for the very first time.  
We’ve always depended on him for the fun and the laughter while reminding us how to appreciate the birth of Jesus. But now, we were on our own.  
We tried to create joy and laughter, we tried to reminisce on the good times, but it just wouldn’t fit in.  We were all consumed with our pain that we had a hard time trying to focus on the real reason. Ultimately we made it and we are still making it, not saying that we don’t have plenty of down time. However, our goal is to continue to push forward and to make sure our lives are prepared for the life to come.
It has now been 14 months exactly, and I often wonder, “How did I make it to this point?”  Well, you and I both know. It was God’s grace and it took extra effort on my part to trust Him.
With all that being said, we were determined to make Christmas 2012 a different one. We wanted something to light up our lives.  
So we bundled up and jumped in the vehicle and headed to Stone Mountain Park. The Park is illuminated with more than 2 million lights and is located in Stone Mountain, Ga., just outside of Atlanta. It consists of approximately 3,200 acres of natural beauty where amazing adventures awaits the entire family. We were blessed with hours of fun.
We concluded our night with a bang as we cheerfully watched the world’s largest laser light show- featuring sparkling fireworks which was set off at the summit of the mountain. This was a glorious sight to behold.
But let me tell you what’s more Glorious.  Jesus and three of His disciples go to the Mount of Transfiguration. In this pivotal moment He becomes radiant and begins to shine with bright rays of light. The prophets Elijah and Moses appeared next to Him and the Father called Him, “Son.”
My dear friend, please be reminded, it’ not about our loss, but it’s about our life.  Have you accepted Him?