On Monday SB 71 ends the ban on concealed hand guns in churches.

Don’t you just love it!  While Obama, Diane Feinstein and countless other liberals are doing all they can to abuse or limit the effects of the Second Amendment, Arkansas is heading in the opposite direction.

 On Monday SB 71 ends the ban on concealed hand guns in churches.  Under this bill churches can decide whether or not to allow such action.  This bill passed the senate by a margin of 28 to 4.  How do you think such legislation would have fared in New York, California or Massachusetts?

Just another example of how far removed are the proponents of liberalism in Arkansas.  When Obama receives 22 percent of the vote in Cleburne County (I was disappointed, I thought it would be under 20 percent), you can clearly determine how distant we are from Obamaland.

Of course it makes sense to leave this gun option up to the local churches.  A church full of worshippers is an ideal target for a crazed killer.  I would feel safer if I knew 4 or 5 of my fellow worshippers were packing.

If this seems repugnant to some churches, they can have the option of going gun free.  Consider this, what church might be a target for a psychopath gunman, a church advertised as gun free or one that allows legitimate citizens to have concealed hand guns?

These do-gooders that want to limit accessibility to guns by passing more legislation are simply whistling in the dark.  What about these cowardly assassins in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Texas and other locations.  Do we actually believe these killers will stop and say, “Gee, maybe I better not do this; the country just passed stricter legislation on gun laws.”

A much better idea is to enforce with vigor current legislation.  The last time I looked murder or attempted murder is still against the law - ditto for felons or others committing crimes with guns.  Get rid of some of our namby-pamby judges who give sentences to criminals that are ridiculously light.  In too many cases the perpetrator has more rights than the victim.

One popular movement that borders on lunacy is to promote citizens to turn in their guns for cash.  For someone whose livelihood is armed robbery or for someone who is planning the next massacre will this make a difference?


How to have your cake and eat it too.  In 2011 the Attorney General’s office Arkansas gave an opinion that the Governor’s appointment of Shane Broadway as the head of the State Department of Education should be voided.  As I understand it the Arkansas Constitution states the head of the Education Department must have considerable experience in the education field.  Shane Broadway had none.

Here we are two years later and based upon everything I can learn Shane Broadway is still acting director and because of his good ole boy relationship with 

Governor Beebe will probably remain so until Beebe’s term ends in 2014.  This evidently gives him the compensation, the fringes, the power and all the benefits as if he were the actual director.  Talk about going around the law in order to evade it – this takes the cake.

I decided to make some inquires on this situation and I started with the Attorney General’s office.  When I inquired about the opinion of the Attorney General’s office on Mr. Broadway’s appointment, all they would confirm is that it happened in 2011.  I asked if there was any time limit on the tenure of an acting director and was told that it is not under their jurisdiction.  The spokesman would make no comment on the status of acting director.

Next I contacted the Governor’s office.  When I revealed the nature of my inquiry, I was shuffled to three different people.  The third person said the applicable party was not in and would call me the next day. 

After calling back the third day, I was given a fourth name.  She never called back but finally I did receive a call from Matt DeCample, the Governor’s hyperactive, ever cheerful spokesman.  When I inquired why there has not been a replacement for the interim director of education who by the Arkansas Constitution is not qualified as the director, Mr. DeCample said the Governor knows nothing about this issue.  He informed me an independent board comes up with the candidate and the Governor has nothing to do with it.  I asked him to tell me more about this board, specifically who appoints its members, his answer, “Why, the Governor”.  What a farce.

This is not a simple case of partisan politics.  Some worthy and qualified person is not filling this important position.  More importantly the citizens and taxpayers of Arkansas are not getting a leader in education who has had the training and experience that is needed in that position and which is required by law.  Evidently if you are a personal buddy of the governor, that is all that is required.


Folks, you just have to read John Brummett’s column in the Arkansas Dem-Gaz.  On Tuesday January 29th he is moaning about the candidacy loss of Dustin McDaniel as a prospect for governor in 2014.  While he admits there has been a Republican insurgence the last two years, he is pleading for a continuance of good progressive Democrats like Dale Bumpers, David Pryor and Bill Clinton. 

Brummett just can’t comprehend that Arkansas voters are fed up with politicians who claim to be so reasonable and conservative here at home, but when they are whisked off to Washington D.C., they become the epitome of tax and spend Democrats and followers of the Northeastern liberals.