On Monday, Quitman held its monthly City Council meeting for February.

On Monday, Quitman held its monthly City Council meeting for February.  Mayor Cyndi Kerr was unable to attend the meeting due to illness.  City Treasurer Linda Moore filled in as acting mayor for the purposes of the meeting.

 Old business items concerning the bylaws for ambulances and the discussion of building permits were tabled until the next session.

 In January’s meeting, Quitman resident Angela Fisher raised concerns over maintenance of a piece of property adjacent to hers which she claimed belonged to the city.  Moore told the Council that they were still trying to determine who actually owns the property in question and discussion of it was delayed until that determination is made.

 In other new business, the Council unanimously voted to approve the hiring of Keri Pearce as Ambulance Director and also voted to accept the state guidelines regarding racial profiling by police. 

 The Council also gave its approval for a rewriting of the city’s Economic Stimulus Loan.  Moore told Council members that the terms of the loan were written during a previous administration and the goal of rewriting the terms was to reflect current economic conditions/interest rates in order to encourage more people to participate in the program.  Cleburne County Economic Developer Dara Samuel was at the meeting and offered to meet with Council members to help them explore the various options available for economic development programs.