A Poem about a mothers love.

Seperated But Not Apart

A mother's love is always true, we sometimes had our doubts.

When growing up and spreading wings, and just trying to get out.

As time goes by and we grow up, then parents we become.

We have a change of attitude, when our children think us dumb.

Through all the years our Mom was there, not knowing what to do.

But trusting in the Lord, to get the children through.

The things she did, we did not know, the sacrifaces she made.

The pain abd strife she endured, she was bold and not afraid.

Now that Mom is gone, there is a void inside.

And just the thought of her, brings tears I can not hide.

But this one thing I know for sure: she will always be with me.

I can recall those special memories, when her love she showed to me.

Sometimes it was a casual look, and oft times it was her touch.

And then the little things she did, to show she loved me much.

There will always be a place for her, I hold her in my heart.

With the love of Jesus in me, We will be seperated, but not apart.