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This guy really is cute/ugly
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By Diane Hunt
Feb. 21, 2013 12:01 a.m.

I found the mold for this little guy recently while looking through mold catalogs. He is so unusual, normally, I don’t purchase molds like him but I fell in love with him and several others.  Really he is so ugly he is cute!  I was worried that no one would like him, but lo and behold, he's attracted a lot of attention right off the bat. If you're thinking he'd make a good addition to your kitchen windowsill, he's just waiting for you to take him home.   Also he can be made into a planter by cutting the daisies off on top of his head and glazing the inside.  Here are the directions for painting him."  
Basecoat piece black.

  1. Dry brush wood areas with fog, light grey and highlight with white.  Using a clean brush dry brush teeth white.

  2. Dry brush all leaves shadow green (use a heavy coat of this color), follow with leaf green and highlight with willow green.

  3. Dry brush daisy with cranberry and paradise.  Tap mustard on the center of the daisys and highlight with flaxen yellow.

  4. Dry brush mushrooms with toast and highlight tops with mustard.

  5. Paint eyes white allowing paint to dry.  Paint iris with real brown or a color of your choice with a black pupil.

  6. Blush cheeks with dusty rose (Kimple).

  7. Spray with sealer.


Doc Holliday    Kimple   Walmart

Fog     dusty rose   black

Light grey        white

Shadow green       Mod Podge matte sealer

Leaf green

Willow green




Flaxen yellow



Real brown

Greenware--$8.25  Bisk--$12.00

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