The similarity between man and trees.

A tree is a sturdy plant, with branches open wide.

They hold the fruit and flowers, but without the root, they die.

Trees are just like people,some wide, some short, and some tall.

You see them gnarled and broken, and some with no limbs at all.

But some are perfect in every way,They seem to reach the sky.

If someone does not cut it, it will eventually die.

A tree made perfect or a tree with burls, woulld die without the root.

Limbs do not add growth to the tree, it is the root that is responsible for the fruit.

Some limbs do not product fruit, they are no help at all.

But a tree has a way to get rid of it, the limb will die and fall.

Now Jesus is the root of man,and man the limb is he.

If man does not produce fruit, you like a limb will be.

Jesus can take a no good limb,when a limb accepts His plan.

It can be made new again,and become a real live man.

There is no life without God,though you may breathe a while.

But life is being born again,and accepting Jesus as a child.*

Brady C. Ervin


* Mark 10:14